Past meetings

Club Workshop Night – 2nd August 2022

Another great evening at Lincolnshire Association of Woodturners.  48 experienced and novice turners came together to watch, chat and laugh.  In the absence of Martin Clarkson, our very own chairman John Ingamells, donned his smock and took to a lathe to turn a gnarly piece of wood into a stunning miniature goblet.  Thanks to Tony Maddox, Norman Sanders, Pete Davies and Geoff Ventress for sharing their knowledge on the other lathes.
Also thanks to the technical department who spent the evening working on cameras and TV’s so that we all have a great viewing experience on our demonstration nights.









Club Demonstration Night – 19th July 2022

We were delighted to welcome Mick Hanbury back to the club after what seemed to be an eternity. Mick always provides a great nights entertainment and gives exceptional advice to all turners, novice or experienced.  His sense of humour and ability to entertain are second to none.
Mick turned and painted one of his signature platters.  Having turned it, he ‘slopped’ paint on and moved it about with clingfilm, the end result; stunning!
Mick very kindly judged the club competitions, results can be found on the competitions page.
53 members and guests had braved the hottest day on record to watch Mick and went home with ideas of a painted platter spinning in their heads.








More photos can be viewed on the gallery page.

Workshop Night – 5th July 2022

It was a beautiful summers evening yet 36 members and visitors came indoors for a great social evening.  We put four lathes and a sharpening system out for members to use.  Martin Clarkson expertly provided an informative demonstration, whilst Tony and Norman introduced new members to the art of turning without a catch!!  However the highlight of the evening was supplied by Colin Spencer who brought along his Rose Engine and demonstrated some fascinating intricate texturing.

Club Meeting – 21st June 2022

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It was a new lay-out that welcomed 60 members to Leasingham village hall this week.  Having purchased two new 50″ monitors to enhance the viewing experience, the committee took the decision to move the seating arrangement and remove the stage.  We then settled down to be entertained by professional turner RobinRB6 Barlow.  Robin turned an acorn box out of mahogany and sycamore before the tea break.  Following the drawing of the raffle and the announcement of the competition winners, Robin returned to turn an oak leaf platter out of oak.
Chairman, John Ingamells asked members for their thoughts on the new lay-out and on the whole, it was extremely popular.
Competition details can be found on the competition page.









Open Session – 12th June 2022

Our chairman, John Ingamells kindly allowed the club to use his garden for our popular open session day last Sunday.  Thirty members, together with some partners called in to have a great social event in the sun.  

DSC03020 DSC03021 DSC03022 DSC03024 DSC03027








Workshop Night – 7th June 2022

Another great workshop evening for the 46 members and guests who came along to Leasingham.  We had five lathes in operation, thanks to Geoff, Peter, Norman and Tony for giving tuition and thanks to Martin for demonstrating all evening.  Roy had a great evening in the new shop layout, selling those much needed consumables and Jim provided an excellent cup of tea.
Thanks must go to all the members who stayed behind to help pack away and sweep up, we appreciate your assistance.

Club Night – 17th May 2023

This was quite an evening, as we opened our doors for the first time since last autumn.  The committee were concerned as to how many members would attend, but we need not have been as 70 members crowded into Leasingham village hall to welcome Andy James to the stage.  It was very pleasing and a little moving to arrive and see that many members had purposely turned up early to help prepare the hall.  
Chairman John Ingamells opened the meeting, welcomed everyone and introduced our new President, Ann Giles.  Ann has been a member of the club for almost 30 years and for many of those has served as the club treasurer.  She is now looking forward to her new role, but don’t worry, she will still be our treasurer.
We then settled down and watched professional turner Andy James use his skills to demonstrate a piece of miniature segmented turning.  
During the break Roy Manders staffed the club shop, we had the prize raffle, Jim and William served tea & coffee, whilst Andy James judged our monthly competition. (See competition page for results)
Following the break Andy took many questions from the floor and talked passionately about segmented turning.
As the evening came to a close we were again very pleased with the number of members who remained to help pack away.  Thank you.

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Club Zoom Night – 19th April 2022

32 members enjoyed two videos supplied by one of the clubs sponsors, Axminster.  Their resident turner, Colwyn Way took us back to basics, giving an excellent demonstration on how to turn a simple bowl.  An interesting demonstration for new and experienced turners.  The second video was an interesting tuition on turning a sphere clock.  
Members also took up the opportunity to show and tell with some of their recent projects.

Club Zoom Night – 15th March 2022

Kade Bolger entertained 51 members last Tuesday with a fantastic demonstration on producing a thin-walled live edge bowl, live from his workshop in Canada.  For the next 28 days you can watch Kades demo by clicking on the link.

During Kades demonstration he spoke about a light bar that he uses, he has kindly sent us the link to Amazon where he purchased it.

Workshop Zoom Night – 1st March 2022

45 members logged on to zoom this evening for another sociable workshop meeting.  Following a group chat, everyone settled down to watch a video presented by Axminster’s Colwyn Way.  Colwyn turned a resin enhanced bowl, something that a few of our members have also attempted.
Chairman John Ingamells was delighted with the turnout and thought it was a very good evening.  We are hopeful that our next Workshop evening scheduled for 5th April, will take place back in Leasingham Village Hall.  Members will be notified by email and on the website, so please keep those fingers crossed.

Club Zoom Night – 15th February 2022

Professional demonstrator, Sue Harker joined us from her workshop in North Yorkshire and entertained 44 members with some inspirational turning.  Even a problem with her audio system did not disrupt the evening as she turned a 12″ x 2″ piece of rippled sycamore into a wide rimmed bowl, before decorating the rim with acrylic paint in a stunning random design.  Sue went on to explain that she would finish it with a few coats of hard wax oil.
Sue concluded the evening by producing a beautiful ring minder out of rippled Ash and explained how to waste as little wood as possible by spending valuable time on the band saw prior to turning.  
An excellent demonstration of both bowl and spindle turning, by a well respected turner.

Workshop Night – 1st February 2022

Workshop night took the form of a zoom meeting, not ideal but 40 members logged on and had a great time.  Following a sociable chat in the break out rooms, we enjoyed a video on spindle turning by the respected turner Colwin Way. A very interesting video, even for the more experienced turners amongst us.  We concluded the evening with a show and tell session.  Several members were very keen to share with us what they had been up to in their workshops.  It’s a successful evening when you hear members sharing experiences, laughing, joking and enjoying each others company.

Club Night – 18th January 2022

2022 has not started how we would have wished, as we have reverted back to zoom meetings to maintain the safety of our members.  However, the club has prospered during the last two years and will continue to deliver in one shape or another.  
Club member Colin Spencer entertained those present with an interesting presentation on his home made Rose Engine Lathe.  Colin has kindly given the club his presentation on a pdf file, which you can look at by clicking on the link below and then scrolling through Colin’s photos.

Colins presentation

Club Night – 21st December 2021

Well it wasn’t the club night we had hoped for, but it was a great night.  We had intended a traditional club Christmas party, but unfortunately Co-vid put pay to that.  Instead and at very short notice we were able to put on a superb zoom meeting.  
Thanks to some great work by our chairman and some inspirational thinking by club member Martin Clarkson, 46 members were able to enjoy a social chat with a difference.  We were delighted to welcome Kade Bolger from Canada and Dilly Dillard from USA, together with our own Colin Spencer.  Kade spoke about his finishing skills, Dilly gave advice on laser engraving and Colin gave shared expert information on 3d printers.  Martin did an excellent job of comparing the evening, keeping everyone involved and ensuring it was a good evening.  To finish, Ray Blake showed a musical slide show of over 50 items submitted over the last 18 months into Charlie’s Challenge.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to record the meeting, but you are able to watch Ray’s slide show below.
It was good to see and wish so many members a merry Christmas. 

Workshop Night – 7th December 2021

Just short of fifty members once again enjoyed our social, educational workshop evening. It was great to see so many of you renewing your annual membership and making purchases in the club shop.
Chairman John Ingamells was delighted with the members response to him asking everyone to wear a face covering if possible.  It is very important that we keep our membership as safe as we possibly can.

Club Night – 16th November 2021

Twenty months ago the club made the difficult but correct decision to suspend all club activities in the village hall until we deemed it safe to meet once again.  It’s been a challenging time for us all, but thanks to zoom meetings and outdoor open sessions, we have been able to keep functioning as a club.  Having dipped our toes into the water with two workshop evenings, the committee decided it was time to relaunch our popular club nights, complete with professional demonstrator.
So tonight, not knowing what the response would be from the members, we opened our doors once more.  We set the stage, connected the cameras and put out a few chairs.  We then put out a few more and then a few more until there were no more chairs to put out.  We stood in total amazement as 75 members and visitors turned out and had a great evening. 
Our well respected club member, friend and professional turner Martin Clarkson, finally cracked under the pressure and agreed to climb onto the stage to entertain us all.  Putting himself well outside his comfort zone, Martin demonstrated to the largest audience we have ever had at the club.  
Martin started by explaining that there were just two rules for those watching, ‘If I say anything funny, laugh and if I do anything wrong, look away’.  With the ground rules laid down, Martin started by turning a Christmas tree out of Ash, which he later added LED battery lights.  He then showed and explained how to turn a pillar shooting clock out of ‘Fine English Oak’!
We broke for refreshments and the prize raffle.  No competition this month, however this will return next month with a fun, festive theme.  So let’s get in the workshop and make something that you can enter into the competition at the next club night, which will be our Christmas party.
Once everyone was refreshed and hydrated Martin continued to talk about his shooting clock and the concluded the evening by demonstrating how to turn a mouse.  He summed up the evening by saying that he did not intend to tell us how to turn, but just wanted to inspire us to get out in our workshops and turn.  With Martins infectious enthusiasm and sense of humour it would be difficult not to be inspired.
Unfortunately, our resident photographer could not be with us this evening, so there are just a few photos of the evening.  Hopefully normal service will be resumed next month.

Nov2 Nov3



















Workshop evening – 2nd November 2021

This was the first meeting since our successful open day in October.  As a result we welcomed 14 visitors who took advantage of our popular voucher to gain free entry to the evening.  I hope they all enjoyed themselves and decide to visit again and consider joining the club.  We also welcomed five new members to the club. 
It was a very well supported evening.  When I joined the club some six years ago it was always a good workshop evening if we had 8 members attend!!  Last night the attendance was a record breaking 58!!
Thanks must be given to the members who worked the lathes, as well as those who staffed the shop, took the entrance fee, welcomed the new members and most importantly, made the tea.  Thanks also to those members who arrive early and stay late to set up and put away.  Your support is very well received.
We now turn our attention to our first club night for 20 months when we welcome Martin Clarkson to the stage on the 16th November.  We would very much like to see as many of you there as possible,

Zoom demonstration – 19th October 2021

Club Secretary Ray Blake has kindly written the following report on last weeks zoom demonstration.

We were treated to a great night with Chris Parker, The Bald Turner from his workshop in Lancashire. Chris started with a Hollow form which he turned from a 9 inch block of Ash, to save us from the boredom of hollowing out the piece he did a  ‘Blue Peter’ presentation with two pieces (one being hollowed out previously!). His explanations of the tool usage, especially the Arrow head 90 degree negative rake scraper and the angles he grinds them to were superb, as was the finish he produced from the tool. He is a very entertaining turner with a number of little anecdotes through the evening. He explained the safety aspects and tool positioning superbly and the final shape and finish of the Hollow Form was excellent. He then proceeded to texture the Hollow form with an Arbotech ,fitted with a sabre tooth 50mm doughnut cutter, to cut coves into the outside surface, which gives a more interesting surface than cutting coves with a gouge. Following the texturing Chris coloured the piece with a variety of Chestnut Stains, sprayed from an airbrush, before finishing with dry brushed Chestnut copper metallic gilding cream. The resultant piece, with the copper metallic highlights against the blue shaded colour was very interesting. He would then lacquer and wax the piece to finish it.

After a short coffee break, he carried on with a demonstration of texturing, on a small platter, using the large Sorby texturing tool and the Small texturing tool from Simon Hope. The decoration that Chris achieves with the texturing tools is incredible and a full demonstration of his texturing techniques would be an ideal, future, live demonstration.

The feedback from the 25 members that attended was of a very enjoyable evening. 

Workshop night – 5th October 2021

Over 50 members and guests descended on Leasingham village hall last Tuesday, all keen to share turning experiences with like minded turners.  It was another great social night where there was lively chat, laughter and the rumble of several lathes.  The committee are delighted with the response we have had since the reintroduction of our popular workshop evenings.  Thanks to everyone of you who support our club.

_REB3629 _REB3630 _REB3631 _REB3632 _REB3634 _REB3637 _REB3638 _REB3639 _REB3640 _REB3641 _REB3642 _REB3643 _REB3644


Zoom Demonstration – 21st September

Professional demonstrator Philip Greenwood entertained this evening.  It was easy to see why he is considered to be one of the best turners in the country.  His demonstrating skills were informative and entertaining.  He showed how to use various skew chisels to turn a candlestick, before giving a tour of his workshop and showing a short video on sharpening skews.  After a quick break he then turned an impressive finial, before taking questions from the 29 members.
Philip explained that he purchases all his candlestick accessories from

Click here to watch Philip Greenwoods Zoom demonstration
Access Passcode: h$7B55?. 
(yes, you do need to put the full stop in as well)

Workshop Evening – 7th September

You can imagine the scenario, a few committee members stood at John discussing the fast approaching workshop night, the first one for sixteen months.  The conclusion of the discussion was, if twenty members turned out we would be delighted.  Well, how surprised were we when forty-nine of you came along for the busiest workshop night we have ever had.  It was a fantastic night and so pleasing to see so many of you after the awful, but necessary disruption of the pandemic.  There was laughter and banter and I believe somewhere there was a little turning!  Thanks to all of you that came back, we were moved by the numbers and delighted to see you all. 
We plan to do the same again next month, so put the 5th October in your diary and make it another great evening.

Club Zoom Meeting – 17th August 2021

Members were treated to an excellent video demonstration produced by Peter Davies and Ray Blake, starring Alan Cramer giving an informative and professional demonstration on pen making.  Those who joined the meeting also enjoyed the break-out rooms where general discussions took place and the world was well and truly put to rights!

Open Session Afternoon – 3rd August 2021

Today we, hopefully held our last Open Session event as we plan to restart our workshop evenings on Tuesday 7th September.  Today we had two lathes and two sharpening systems in operation.  The club shop was open and John’s daughter Zoe, kept us nourished with a constant supply of tea and biscuits.  Many thanks to all the members who came along and contributed to a great afternoon.

As we move forward and plan to start meeting back at Leasingham Village Hall in September, we must express our gratitude and thanks to our chairman John Ingamells.  John has worked extremely hard to keep the club functioning during the last 18 months and has kindly allowed us use his garden for these open sessions. Many thanks John.

Aug 1 Aug 2 Aug 3 Aug 4 Aug 5 Aug 6























Zoom club night – 20th July 2021

Members were entertained at this months zoom demonstration by the very talented and articulate Dennis Wake.  Dennis came to us live from his workshop in Hartlepool, where demonstrated how to turn a pedestal bowl.  Dennis recorded the demonstration and will be sending it through to us.  Once we are in receipt we will post it on this page.

Open Sessions Meeting – 6th July 2021

We had another enjoyable day at the home of our generous chairman John Ingamells.  Over thirty members attended the three sessions, engaging in chat and laughter, whilst watching and taking part in a little turning.  Everyone made shop keeper Roy Manders a very happy chap by purchasing timber blanks and consumables.  It was also pleasing to see that many members took the opportunity to take some free blanks to make some much needed wig stands for St Barnabas Hospice.
Below are a few photos of the day, more can be viewed in our gallery.









Club Zoom Meeting – 15th June 2021

Stewart Furini gave an interesting and informative demonstration this evening on colouring and texturing. Stewart welcomed 32 members into his own workshop to show how to achieve coloured finishes in various ways.  Stewart recorded the whole demonstration and will be giving our members exclusive access to watch it in the next few days.  As soon as this is available we will post it onto our news page.

Open Sessions – 1st June 2021open 4

We are delighted to report that the club is back with face to face meetings.  On 1st June 2021 we held our first open sessions day since September last year and it’s fair to say that we experience a fantastic day.  Chairman John Ingamells kindly provided the venue for over 30 members to attend during the day.
We had two lathes set up, one being used by our very own professional turner Martin Clarkson, who spent the day teaching and demonstrating to the excited members.  Norman Sanders worked the other lathe, giving hands on advice to novice and experienced turners.  Ray Blake was at the sharpening station, giving advice and sharpening members tools, including those that had just been purchased from our well stocked shop.
It was good to welcome Steve Wright from Elston Saw Mill, open 8who sold quality blanks to us all. 
The sun shone on us all day, there was the sound of turning mixed with a large dose of laughter.  It’s been a long time coming, but finally the club is starting to get it’s heart beat going once again.  Thanks to all of you who came along, it was great to see so many of you.
More photos are available on the gallery page.



open 3open 6

Club Zoom Meeting – 18th May 2021

Professional turner Emma Cook had to overcome some technical difficulties as she tried to join us, but went on to give a great demonstration, made more impressive considering that she was on her new lathe for the very first time.  The Tiny Turner produced an LED Globe lamp from a piece of ash, showing all the techniques required to achieve a great project, including an ebonised and guilt cream finish.  It was very interesting to see inside a talented professional turners workshop.
For those who are interested, the glass globe, LED lights and flexible adhesive are available to purchase from Emma’s website and further more, if you enter the code LINCS21 at checkout, you’ll receive a 10% discount on the items purchased.
Emma, who is a regular demonstrator at our club, has been booked for our club show in October.  The committee would like to thank Emma for her support of the club and also a special thanks to her camera man, Roy who assisted in giving the 32 members a great night.


Club Zoom Meeting – 20th April 2021

The second IRD (Internet Remote Demonstration) on Zoom, was held on Tuesday night, 20th April with Rick Dobney as our Demonstrator, from his workshop in Sheffield. He was ably assisted by his colleague, Carl Burn. There were 29 members attending online, to watch Rick turn an offset candle stick, from Sycamore, based on three centres and he was exemplary in his explanations of the process and the Health and Safety aspects of turning. The great thing about the IRD’s is the close up views of the tool presentation and the delicate cuts made to produce the detail, from the multi camera set up. As Rick progressed through the project, Carl was on hand to provide relevant information on the Zoom chat box so that all participants could access the details.  The Candle stick was beautifully produced and looked stunning when mated up to its base. The Club members thoroughly enjoyed the evening and were were fulsome in their thanks to Rick and Carl for the demonstration.

Club ‘In House’ Zoom Meeting – 16th March 2021

Last nights ‘in house’ meeting was attended by 30 members.  We were entertained by our Demonstrator Secretary Pete Davies.  Pete had produced two video’s staring himself, explaining the pros & cons of the Sorby Pro Edge and the Wolverine sharpening systems.  Pete expertly recorded himself using both systems and explained how to achieve the best results.  His production inspired some good discussions and it became obvious that both these systems are an excellent purchase for anyone trying to achieve a good edge.

There was time at the end of the meeting for some show and tells, allowing members to display and speak about some of their recent projects.  We also chatted about future meetings and Peter told us whose booked in for the next few meetings, details of which can be found on our diary page.

Chairman John Ingamells explained that the committee are being very active in these challenging times and it hoped that once government guidelines allow we will probably start with some outdoor sessions at Navenby.

Club Zoom Demonstration Meeting – 16th February 2021

This was an exciting night for the club as we welcomed our first professional demonstrator via zoom.  We were delighted to have Sue Harker live and exclusive from her impressive workshop in Bridlington.  42 members were able to sit back in the comfort of the own home and admire Sues skills as one of the countries leading turners.  Sue turned a beautiful flower tea light holder out of ash, incorporating a little carving and pyrography, before producing a weed pot out of a piece of yew.  Following the demonstration she spoke about her workshop, dust extraction system and the future for woodturners and clubs.

We will be contacting the members who attended to seek their views on this inaugural event.

Club Zoom Meeting – 19th January 2021

The Zoom meeting on Tuesday 19th January was an excellent get together, although there were only 24 participants, with several members unable to attend, due to work commitments and one who had internet stability problems! However the meeting was a great opportunity to have a chat and catch up, especially in the breakout rooms, where 5 or 6 members have 30 minutes to enjoy talking to each other.

Following the Breakout rooms we had a ‘Chat with Charlie’, this was an opportunity to learn more about the origins of the Club, from it’s inception in 1993 by Brian Clifford and Charlie Giles, unfortunately, Charlie was not feeling well enough on the evening so I co-opted John to be ‘Charlie’ for the chat. I did drop John in it as I had a more up to date script than he did! But it all worked out OK, I think! We did record it and Kevin will post the video on the website so you can have a laugh at us, but maybe learn a little more about the Club.

We had a superb show and tell with some excellent examples, such as Alan Keal’s wooden Beam and Rotary engines, Peter Hallam’s Hearts and Globes, Stuart Fletcher’s thin plate, Dave Naylor’s Golf ball puzzle, Roy Manders delightful Clock, Tony Winn’s Narrow Boat handle, John’s Big Bowl, Peter Davies excellent box with textured decoration and Charlie Ridley’s amazing segmented vase.

Martin Clarkson then showed us round his workshop and showed the fascinating processes he uses, as a Professional Production Turner and how he researches potential markets and the marketing tools he employs.

All in all a brilliant night, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed, it’s such a shame that more of you have not taken the opportunity to join in. Zoom is quite easy to use and we are here to help anyone who needs advice, or instruction, on how to use the application.

For those who were unable to virtually attend, you can now watch a recording of the great interview by clicking on the link below. 


Club Zoom Meeting – 15th December 2020

Disappointingly only 19 members, including a new member, joined us for the Zoom meeting on Tuesday.

The breakout rooms were a great opportunity to enjoy a chat with other members and hear what they have been doing. It’s so much nicer be able to see and talk to a small group and exchange views, not the same as alive meeting but a great alternative. The show and tell was brilliant with some excellent examples and very lively conversation. Lots of tips and ideas were exchanged and everyone got involved.

It’s such a shame that with all the hard work put in by your committee, to keep the club going, that there were so few members in attendance. No matter, we will keep persevering and hope that more members will join us in the New Year, when we will try to bring you more interesting topics, including a live demonstration by Sue Harker, on the 15th February, at 7.30pm, at no charge to Club Members. It would be such a shame if we only have a small number on the night.

Charlie’s Challenge will be featured, as a monthly rather than fortnightly event, watch out for the emails and notices on the website news page.

Wishing you all a Happy, healthy and safe Christmas and New Year.

Club Zoom meeting – 3rd November 2020

It was good to see the 21 participants in Tuesdays Zoom meeting, it is proving to be a very sociable friendly meeting place for Club members, with small chat groups in the breakout rooms. Followed by the guest video, tonight it was a recording of Stuart Fletcher chatting to Ray Blake about his first year of woodturning.  Stuart’s progress has been exceptional, evidenced by the slides showing the build of his workshop, through his first turnings, to his entries in Charlie’s Challenge and then on to his latest piece, a lovely burr elm bowl.  The video is available to now view here;
Ray Blake

Club Zoom meeting – 6th October 2020

Last night we held another zoom meeting.  These are quickly becoming the new normal with regards to our club being able to meet in these difficult times.  30 members logged on to watch a video about our esteem chairman, John Ingamells and chat about our craft.  It was a great evening, enjoyed by all.  We will continue to meet in this way, so if you are not too sure about zoom and would like some help logging on please get in touch, we have a group of guys all willing to help you.
For those who were unable to attend last night, or for those that would like to watch John’s video again here it is:

Club zoom meeting – 2nd September 2020

30 members logged in to the club zoom meeting last night and were not disappointed.  Following 30 minutes of casual chatting in various breakout rooms, Terry Smart from Chestnut products gave a very interesting and informative talk.   He used videos to talk members through various finishes and techniques, which we all found very useful. There are more videos to view if you visit Chestnut Products website and don’t forget, the club sells most of their products at our club shop, which is always open at our open sessions events.

Members Open Day – 18th August 2020

By kind permission of club Chairman John Ingamells, we held our second members open day in John’s garden.  Due to social distancing rules we held three sessions during the day for a maximum of 12 members at each.  We had three lathes and three sharpening systems out for members to use or be taught on.  Martin Clarkson did some demonstrating, whilst Norman Sanders and Ray Blake honed members skills on the lathes and sharpening systems.  The club shop was open all day and we were delighted to welcome Steve Wright from Elston Sawmill back to the club to sell his timber and his chickens eggs to members at very competitive prices.

During the first session club President Charles Giles presented Martin Clarkson and Steve Wright with lifetime membership certificates.  Both these members have given so much to the club that we felt it fitting to award them both with lifetime membership.

18 August 2

18 August





It was good to see so many members having a great sociable time, thanks to all those who attended.  We look forward to seeing you all again at our next zoom meeting on 1st September and at our next open day on 15th September.  Details of both these event will be emailed to all members and will appear on the news page of our website.

18 August 118 August 518 August 3





Workshop Night – 3rd March 2020

We had seven lathes out tonight, ensuring that 14 of those who attended managed a ‘turn’.  However, there were many more present who still had a good social night talking about our great hobby.  There was also plenty of banter and laughter, topped up with a strong tea and biscuits.  Not sure how many attended as I lost count at forty and forgot to ask Ann for the attendance figures. 

DSC02848 DSC02853 DSC02837 DSC02839 DSC02841





Club Night – 18th February 2020

Just 24 hour before club night our intended demonstrator Peter Tree called to inform us that storm Dennis had flooded his workshop and he would not be able to attend as planned.  Our thoughts go out to Peter and all those effected by the recent floods.
Demonstrator Secretary, Pete Davies pulled out all the stops and after many phone calls and arm twisting managed to secure the services of Peter Hallam.  Many thanks to Peter for stepping up to the mark and producing a demonstration at such short notice.

Peter produced two beautiful natural edge bowls, one out of laburnum and the other, after our tea break and raffle, out of a cherry branch.  An interesting demonstration which hopefully has inspired us all to have a go and maybe bring one to our next club night for the display table or even enter into the monthly competition.  Peter even had time to explain how to make a golf ball pen holder, a project that anyone could take on, especially those who turn pens.

_REB3510 _REB3503 _REB3501 _REB3492 _REB3489 _REB3486 _REB3485 _REB3481 _REB3475 _REB3530 _REB3527 _REB3526 _REB3522 _REB3520 _REB3518 _REB3517






Workshop Night – 4th February 2020

The first workshop evening of the year and clearly the enthusiasm has not dwindled, as 58 members guest and visitors came along for a great social event.  We had several lathes in operation with experienced club members demonstrating and giving tuition to many novice and advanced turners.  It was once again, a great night to be part of. 
Chairman John Ingamells opened the evening by welcoming everyone and asking for ideas which could contribute to making future evenings interesting.  If you have any comments or ideas please drop an email to Thanks.

DSC02806 DSC02805 DSC02804 DSC02803 DSC02802 DSC02801 DSC02799 DSC02797 DSC02810 DSC02807











AGM & Club Night – 21st January 2020






More records smashed at our club!!  Ten years ago, at the clubs AGM the committee outnumbered the members attending.  At this years AGM we were amazed and delighted to welcome 69 members to our home at Leasingham.

Chairman John Ingamells reported on a great year and thanked everyone involved for contributing to making the club friendly and successful.  He was pleased that the club has grown and continues to look forward, developing for the benefit of the members.

Financially, the club is in a good situation, but with the rising cost of demonstrators we must remain cautious, treasurer Ann Giles reported.  We had a successful open day and continue to raise funds by selling tools and equipment.

During 2019 two members of the committee had stood down, thanks were given to Geoff Ventress and Tony Madox for their dedication and hard work throughout their years on the committee.  Two new committee members were co-opted; we welcome Norman Sanders and Ray Blake onto the committee and look forward to their input into our club.

Following the tea break and raffle we settled down to an informative talk and demonstration from Pole Lathe Turner Mike Ashton.  Mike spoke about the history of pole lathe turning before demonstrating how to turn a chair leg on a bow lathe. Mike had the ability to make bow lathe turning look incredibly easy, which undoubtedly it will not be.


_REB3420 _REB3419 _REB3401 _REB3396 _REB3391 _REB3388 _REB3382 _REB3379


Club Christmas Night – 17th December 2019_REB3269

Our final club night of 2019 was our Christmas party night.  Sixty eight members came along to have a most enjoyable evening.
The club continues to support Lincolnshire Lives and we were delighted to start the evening by presenting Bill Barber with a cheque to the value of £200.
After Chairman John Ingamells welcome, we all sat back to be entertained and educated by Nick Brown, Head Ranger at National Trust Belton House.  Nick gave us an interesting talk about life as a ranger at Belton House.  Judging by the number of questions asked, most, if not all the members thoroughly enjoyed Nicks _REB3288presentation.
We then adjourned for an excellent buffet, thanks to all those who help prepare and serve the troops
Following a good feed we moved onto the presentations, starting with the Christmas raffle which had many prizes, including two envelopes containing £50 cash. Thanks must be expressed to those members who very kindly donated a raffle prize.  Following the raffle, club president Charles Giles announced that Tony Maddox was his ‘member of the year’. Tony resigned from the committee over a year ago, but has continued to be a very active member.  Tony always helps with the stage on club nights.  He is also a regular on a _REB3283lathe on workshop nights, sharing his vast knowledge with novice turners.  Tony is a very well respected and much like club member. 
The competitions presentation then followed, starting with the evenings Christmas competition, which was judged by our guest Nick Brown.  Nick awarded first place to Nick Welford.
The new draw for 2019 was then made, resulting in Tina Johnson and Barry Pearce receiving next year membership for free.  If you would like to know more about this draw please visit the competitions page. 
We then moved onto the main presentation of the evening, the Rowan Novice and Oak _REB3309Open awards.  We are pleased to announce that the Rowan Novice Champion for 2019 is Ray Blake and the Oak Open Club Champion for 2019 is Charlie Ridley.  Congratulations to both our champions.  Further details can be found on the competitions page.
To conclude our presentations, John Ingamells presented Ann Giles with flowers as a thank you for arranging the fantastic buffet.
Before we all retired home, Harry Cleworth spoke about a South African, man eating chicken.  Those who were present know what happened next!!  Thanks to Harry and Chris Backwell.
And that concluded a great night with friends and it only leaves us to wish all members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Workshop Night – 3rd December 2019

Our final workshop night of 2019 and it was an absolute blast.  Over 40 members and visitors came out for a great night.  We could only manage five lathes, but that didn’t stop the fun and banter.  The shop did a great trade, no doubt members were stocking up on Christmas presents and Tommy was ‘over the moon’ as he enrolled five new members! 

Please note that we do not have a workshop night in January 2020, our next workshop night is on Tuesday 4th February 2010

DSC02792 DSC02789 DSC02787 DSC02785 DSC02784 DSC02783





DSC02773 DSC02767 DSC02772 DSC02771 DSC02770 DSC02768




Club Night – 19th November 2019

Peter Hallam from the Wolds Woodturning Club was our guest demonstrator this month.  He entertained 62 members and guests with a sycamore bowl with Indian Rosewood inserts.  Peter explained how to make a router stand, thereby reducing some costs in producing the inserts.  (The accompanying photos show the details of the stand). The router bit used was a 90* cutter.  During the break, Peter kindly judged our final competition of 2019, before completing his project.
Mr President, Charles assisted by Tom conducted another excellent prize draw and thanks must be given to Jim and William for keeping us nourished.

Photos of the night are below, with more photos available in the gallery page

_REB3085 _REB3083 _REB3082 _REB3080 _REB3079 _REB3068 _REB3067 _REB3066 _REB3149 _REB3138











Workshop Night – 5th November 2019

This was the first meeting since our club open day, so we thought there may be a couple of new visitors keen to see what we are doing.  However, it was Bonfire Night, so we thought the general attendance would be down.  How wrong we were as an impressive 35 members showed up together with 10 visitors who had been to our open day. It was a great night, full of all things woodturning and a great big dose of laughter.

DSC02741 DSC02742 DSC02743 DSC02744 DSC02745 DSC02735 DSC02737 DSC02738 DSC02739











Annual Open Day – 20th October 2019

The weather was set fair as the crowds descended on Leasingham Village Hall for an exceptional open day.  Members of the public were waiting at the hall door well before 9.30am, all keen to learn about our craft and grab themselves an early Christmas bargain.  Our treasurer Ann opened the doors to let them in and continued to take the entrance fee off over 400 visitors until we closed at 4pm.  Those who visited were not disappointed, we had members demonstrating, stalls selling tools and other crafters selling pyrography, bird boxes and cushions to name just a few. Thanks must go to our kitchen staff who kept all fed well throughout the day.  In the main hall Mick Hanbury demonstrated without a break for over six hours, thanks Mick.  Further down the hall we had Steve Wright and Mathew Carr giving expert advice, together with Peter Tree displaying his beautiful chairs.  Visitors could have a free go at turning a Christmas tree.  There was also a prize raffle organised by Charley and Tommy.  Thanks to all the members who assisted throughout the event, it was a fantastic day and one that our club should be proud of.

Below is a selection of photographs, more can be found at our gallery page.







Club Night – 15th October 2019_REB2714

I always leave home early on a club night as I know we have to get in to the village hall and set up for the demonstrator.  I drive into the car park with amazement as it’s 6.40pm, the ladies are still dancing in the hall and the car park is getting full.  We can’t get into the hall until 6.45pm, but members are already gathering around the doors and there’s a buzz of anticipation.  Some members are peering into the back of Steve Wrights Landrover (other 4 wheel drive vehicles are available),  trying to get a sneaky peep at what _REB2715delights he has brought to sell, other members are chatting about what they’ve been turning this week and some members are watching the ladies dance! 

The ladies finish and we’re in – the store room door is flung open, out come the chairs, tables and stage.  I take a few moments this month to watch the military operation as everyone mucks in and gets the tasks completed.  The chairs somehow find their way into neat rows, the shop stock is out of John’s van and onto the tables which have been set up in readiness.  Peter, Colin and Jeremy are working hard, all be it with a little head scratching to _REB2708get the cameras and televisions working and that just became harder as we now have four TV’s

Jim, Tony and Richard are assisted by many members to get the stage set safely for our demonstrator, Mick Hanbury who is already in attendance and keen to get started.  As I glance round I am reassured that our treasurer Ann and president Charley are in residence and already taking subs and selling raffle tickets.  Tommy is along side ready to enrol any new members – it’s all coming together!

My attention is then drawn to the opposite corner of the hall _REB2729where Fiona has snook in and is already accepting entries into the competition.  Ray, our photographer is also there setting up his backdrop for the entries to be photo’d.  Tucked in the corner stands Steve, he’s managed to get his wears from the Landrover and into the hall, still the bees are round the honey pot picking up some timber bargains.

It’s like a well oiled machine, no one person is in charge and no one is giving out instruction, yet everyone is working hard and together.  New members get stuck in to assist, whilst chatting and discovering what needs to be done.  Suddenly it’s 7.25pm and chairman John is taking to the stage to welcome Mick to our club, your club._REB2805

We are in for a real treat this month as he turns two very similar shallow bowls which he later glues together after doing some fascinating artwork.  It’s always good to have Mick demonstrating, he has the ability to teach, entertain and make us laugh, all in one session.

Before I know it, it’s 8.45pm, Jim and William are in the kitchen ready to serve tea, coffee and an extensive selection of biscuits.  Do I rush to the front of the queue so as to get the good chocolate biscuits or do I hang back and go up last to the clear up the remaining plain ones?  Decisions, decisions! 

No sooner has the queue formed for refreshments then Charley and Tommy are _REB2854drawing the raffle, what an excellent choice of prizes again.  Whilst members shriek with delight as they realise they’ve won, Mick is quietly judging the competition entries. As soon as the raffle is over Kevin starts to announces the results of both the Novice and Open competitions.  The winners come forward to rousing applause for a photograph with Mick and some expert comments.  Everyone listens intently hoping to get that little piece of advice that may just make a difference to their work.

Tea break over and it’s back to our seats for the second half of the demonstration.  Mick continues to entertain and amaze with his skill, dedication and professionalism, as well as _REB2758a big slice of humour. 

It’s 10 o’clock and we must thank Mick before packing away.  I glance around looking for Mary Poppins to do her bit, but no need.  A number of members have remained to help pack it all away, many hands make light work.  Within 30 minutes everything is packed away and the hall has been swept clean. Charley performs the ceremonial switching off of the lights and we are all away.

I drive home reflecting on another enjoyable night out in the _REB2772company of friends with a like minded interest for woodturning.  Thanks to all of you that work together to make our club successful.









Workshop Night  – 1st October 2019DSC02661

Probably one of the best workshop night ever! We had seven lathes to share between a record number of attendees- 42 and it all flowed wonderfully. We were blessed with Harry and Chris teaching compete novice members, Martin doing what Martin does best; demonstrating fantastic spindle work.  Tony teaching members bowl turning, Norman making a trophy plinth for Alec, Jordon on his own lathe making a box, Jeremy taking advice from other members whilst turning and Geoff giving a master DSC02664class on pen making. We also had Ray preparing resin and using a pressure pot to help it cure successfully.  There was also a great display table with many exhibits to inspire other members.  Finally, we had John sharpening tools and giving instruction on how to achieve that perfect edge.  The shop was open selling all the usual consumables together with a new batch of second-hand tools at stupidly low prices.
It was great to hear all the laughter and banter from everyone present.  Thanks must go to Ann for relieving everyone of their cash in the form of shop purchases and to Charley and Jim for keeping everyone lubricated in the form of tea & coffee.
Most of all a big thanks to the 42 members for making it a great DSC02665night.




Club Night – 17th September 2019

There are club nights and there are club nights!  I’m sure that those who where present this month will agree, this was one of those great club nights.  Tony Wilson brought his own unique style and sense of humour to 55 members and gave us a night to remember.  Tony demonstrated a door buffer in such a way that we all, novice & advanced, learnt something and we all had a great laugh.  We learnt how to sharpen forstner bits, drill holes with a spindle gouge together with many other tricks of the trade.






Tony also showed a unique talent for drawing on the piece of wood he was working with, which took his demonstration to the next level.




Tony spoke very kindly about all our competition entries, praising each one of the competitors.
After our tea break, which included Tony giving a demonstration on sharpening, we settled down to watch how to make a bowl out of a piece of timber which was totally off centre and out of balance.






Unfortunately 10pm came far too soon, causing our Chairman to call an end to proceeding at 10.10pm.  We have to vacate the hall by 10.30pm, so many thanks to all those members who stayed behind to pack away the chairs and stage.  Your assistance, as always, is gratefully appreciated.
That really was a great night.  No pressure on next months demonstrator, Mick Hanbury.

Workshop Night – 3rd September 2019

Six lathes were set up to welcome the 31 members, guests and visitors who decided that it was better to have a night out with fellow woodturners, rather than staying at home in front of the television.
It was as usual, an evening of chat, laughter, micky taking and a little woodturning.  It’s not just the turning which makes our workshop nights special, we all agree that a night without laughter is a night wasted.
Thanks to all who turned out, it’s you that makes these nights special.

DSC02655 DSC02656 DSC02657 DSC02637 DSC02638 DSC02640 DSC02642 DSC02643 DSC02644 DSC02645 DSC02646 DSC02648 DSC02649 DSC02650 DSC02651 DSC02653 DSC02654











Club Night – 20th August 2019


Happy Birthday Charley

The evening began with the members giving a rousing rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ to Mr President Charley Giles.  Charley, a founder member of the club some 26years ago, appeared delighted to be able to enjoy his birthday with his friends at the club.




16Swiftly moving on, we settled down for an inspirational demonstration from the highly respected Andrew Hall.  Andrew began by suggesting that we all go out and buy a Garrison Block for about £6 from one of those popular website auction websites.  A garrison block is used to wipe down the lathe bed, banjo, tool rest etc., ensuring that everything moves well and therefore encourages good result when turning.

15Andrew, a regular columnist with ‘Woodworker & Woodturner’ then demonstrated his latest article and turned a delightful bird box.  Using a plastic tube acquired from a local arable farmer, he turned the top and bottom to produce a lovely home for the birds.


26Following the tea break, where Andrew kindly judged our monthly competition, he demonstrated the production of a Weirdale egg bowl out of Sapele. Claiming it would hold six eggs he proved himself right when he produced six quail eggs to be held safely in the bowl!


30 For the last swan song Andrew managed to get everyone singing again.  Having shown us several of his blues-bowl guitars he gave a performance of his ‘Woodturner’ song, bringing to an end a fantastic evening of turning, music and song.  Well done Tony, we look forward to watching you on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.


28 29 2



Workshop Night – 6th August 2019

Fresh from the club exploits at the Woodworker Weekender at Springfields, Spalding we were back to business as normal. 35 members enjoyed each others company to talk about our great craft.  We had Alan Cramer exhibiting his miniature resin turnings, Norman Sanders teaching novice turners and Martin Clarkson discussing his adventures with a Longworth style chuck.

DSC02621 DSC02619 DSC02634 DSC02633 DSC02631 DSC02629 DSC02628 DSC02627 DSC02626 DSC02625 DSC02624 DSC02623 DSC02622


















Club Night – 16th July 2019

52 members and guests decided that it would be worth coming to the village hall instead of staying in the garden on a gorgeous summers evening and they weren’t disappointed.  Sue Harker travelled from North Yorkshire to give a great demonstration, which everybody thoroughly enjoyed, she started with a clam box, then made a wine bottle coaster and amazingly still had time to almost make a bangle. 
It was good to have our president, Charles Giles back and organising the raffle.

67200736_2158986147725147_7554000819645841408_n 67183270_2158986107725151_46171362288467968_n 67563733_2158986081058487_1665306241116667904_n 67152551_2158986057725156_4824845322637279232_n








67304253_2158986217725140_6472083345009278976_n 67176138_2158986187725143_3444019186718736384_n 67276395_2158986174391811_4996437379305701376_n 67401813_2158986237725138_223111202996224000_n








Steve Wright from Elston Sawmill selling an excellent selection of timber.

Steve Wright from Elston Sawmill selling an excellent selection of timber.

The club shop was open

The club shop was open, selling those much needed consumables.

A good selection of pre-loved tools for sale.

A good selection of pre-loved tools for sale at very competitive prices.








Workshop Night – 2nd July

It was good to welcome our club president Charles Giles back to the club.  Charley has been a little under the weather, but is now doing very well and was delighted to be back at a workshop night to enjoy the turning and the banter.

35 members and guests enjoyed the evening watching and having ago.  John Ingamells continued his session on resin turning, where we, including John, are learning this new  technique.

The club shop was open with some new stock and there was a new batch of second-hand tools for everyone to pick over and buy.

Once again, it was another great night.

_REB2465 _REB2467 _REB2468 _REB2469 _REB2470 _REB2471 _REB2472 _REB2474 _REB2475 _REB2476 _REB2477 _REB2478 _REB2479 _REB2463 _REB2464






Club Night – 18th June 2019_REB2261

We welcomed Joey Richardson to our club for the first time this month and we all agreed she gave us a great night out.

Joey began the evening by turning a 3mm thin bowl shape form from a piece of frozen end grain sycamore.  She explained that when sycamore is first harvested it is pure white with no grain showing, however this quickly changes after just a few weeks.  So in order to maintain the _REB2300silky white appearance put the timber into the freezer as soon as possible until you are ready for turning.  Once the form is produced the wood needs to be microwaved foe 20 seconds on full power to remove all the moisture.  Check it after 20 seconds and if still damp repeat the process.  Removing the moisture ensures that the sycamore remains white, which allows for better air-brushing.

Our abled bodied stage crew then swiftly removed the lathe from the stage and replaced it _REB2303with a table and chair so that Joey could demonstrate how to transfer an image onto the form, ready for piercing.  Piercing was completed by using a dentist drill, however Joey also explained and demonstrated this technique with a Dremil type tool.

After the tea-break Joey spoke about her craft and then demonstrated some fascinating air-brushing skills.

For those who are keen to give these skills a try, it is well worth visiting Joey website, where you will find advice and tips on learning this amazing art.







Workshop Night – 4th June 2019_REB2244

What a night! 
We had 42 members, guests and visitors attending this month and they were not disappointed.  We had six lathes bring used by experienced and novice turners, as well as professional Martin Clarkson demonstrating how to turn a gavel and block with built in stand.
Also, John Ingamells had four members making moulds and mixing resin.  This grabbed the interest of many present, causing _REB2222much discussion and sharing of ideas.  Hopefully the moulds made it back to Johns workshop, without spilling a drop.  Time will tell, but we look forward to the moulds returning next month when we will be turning them into interesting forms.
The club presented some flowers to our treasurer, Ann Giles.  Ann has been treasurer for over twenty five years and due to ill health she missed her first club night in May.  Thankfully Ann is feeling somewhat better and the club wished to express their best wishes to her and hope she is present for the next twenty five years, as finding a substitute of quality proved difficult.
_REB2240It was good to see two of our new lady members getting heavily involved.  Carol Baxter received some expert tuition form Alan Cramer.  Whilst Tina Johnson displayed a beautiful miniature bird house, which is exceptional considering she has only been turning for a few weeks. Well done ladies.




















Club Night – 21st May 2019_REB2185

Philip Greenwood took to the stage tonight on his first ever visit to our club, we were not disappointed.  It quickly became apparent why he has a reputation of being a leading turner as he made a jewellery stand out of three pieces of sycamore.  He used an indexer to drill the ear-ring holes in the correct position.  For those who do not have an indexer fitted to their lathe, Phil gave detailed information on how to make one out of wood for very little cost.  Following the break he turned a ring minder before finishing with a bowl.
Philip has a unique ability to demonstrate to both the novice and _REB2171advance turner, keeping both interested and informed with hints and tips. 

Phil gave us a great night, so we will be booking his services again for the club in the future.





Workshop Night – 7th May 2019

Well over 30 members and visitors turned out to our workshop night at Leasingham.  On the six lathes we had:
Harry and Chris teaching and demonstrating pen making.
Martin giving a demonstration on turning a box.
Tony giving one to one tuition to novice turners.  Alan thoroughly enjoyed himself and took home his first ever bowl.
Norman doing likewise with Tony, another raw recruit.
Peter passing on his experience to intermediate turners.
Geoff also entertaining intermediate turners.

Charlie made full use of the display table, exhibiting some of his amazing segmented bowls.

Tommy reported another two new members enrolled on our books, edging the membership nearer and nearer towards the 100 members mark.

It was very rewarding to see so many turners enjoying the evening, the village hall was full of chatter and laughter.  Thanks to all our members and guests, we really do have a great club.

(Photographs to follow).

Club Night – 16th April 2019_REB2020

Gerry Marlow travelled from his home in Derbyshire to entertain a packed crowd at our home in Leasingham.  Gerry began by explaining and demonstrating how to use a former to produce a laminated base for a candlestick. He took his life in his own hands when he enlisted the help of our chairman, John Ingamells to hold the laminates in place whilst using cargo straps to secure _REB2021them in place.  Thankfully they both came out  of the experience unscathed. Gerry then turned a candle stick to go on the formed base. 
Following the break, during which Gerry judged out monthly competitions, he then swiftly demonstrated and produced a ring-stand and jewellery dish.  A project that the audience appreciated and took away inspiration to have a go at home. Hopefully we will see some examples on next months competition or display tables. 
_REB2057With just 30 minutes left, Gerry decided, much to the amusement of the audience, to make a ‘trembler’.  Take a look at the photos to see what he meant and please bear in mind that the trembler contains a captive ring!









Workshop Night – 2nd April 2019

Off centre turning, pen making and admiring a plant stand that lights up where the main attractions this evening.  We also had several new turners who managed to have a turn with experienced members Martin Clarkson, Tony Maddox and Norman Sanders.
There was a great turn-out on the display table which caused much discussion and admiration, especially the afore mentioned plant stand with resin ball and lights! 
The club shop, including some turning blanks, did a roaring trade.  Don’t forget all the items we sell can not be beaten on price.

_REB2002 _REB2003 _REB2005 _REB1986 _REB1988 _REB1989 _REB1991 _REB1993 _REB1994 _REB1995 _REB1997 _REB1998 _REB2001






 Club Night – 19th March 2019

A problem occurred at this months meeting, a problem that we don’t mind having to deal with.  We had to get more chairs out!  Over 60 members, guest and visitors travelled to our Leasingham venue to settle back and watch a club favourite, Peter Tree.  Peter once again gave us an interesting night, turning a four piece plant stand out of sapele.  He also entertained with tales of fishing expeditions with fellow turner Martin Pidgeon and handed around jade samples from his foraging exploits at Robin Hoods Bay.  At one point, chairman John Ingamells joined Peter on the stage as they gave battle with a spot light to enhance our viewing experience.


Making the top plate


Peters master plan


The top plate









Turning the base


Fitting all together

The completed project.

The completed project.







 President Charlie, assisted by Tommy ran another excellent raffle with useful, interesting prizes.  The display table is growing from strength to strength, with many members showcasing items which will inspire and encourage others.
Fiona, as always managed the club competitions, the results of which can be found on the competitions page.  It was good to see so many entries into both categories.

Hopefully, we will see everyone again on the 16th April when we welcome Gerry Marlow to the club.

Workshop Night – 5th March 2019

I am afraid to say that the committee are completely lost for words.  We don’t know what we are doing, but our workshop nights continue to grow.  We had a record eight lathes in operation shared between 43 members and guests.  Everyone appeared to have a great night.  We had candlesticks, snowmen, bowls, off-centre turning and even a repair job on a bowl that had been mistakenly turned through the bottom, (we’ve all done that)!  It was once again, a great night for everyone.
As I said earlier, we don’t know what we are doing to make our workshop nights so popular, but we will continue to do it!!

_REB1901 _REB1903 _REB1904 _REB1905 _REB1894 _REB1895 _REB1896 _REB1897 _REB1898 _REB1899 _REB1900






Club Night – 19th February 2019_REB1866

Unfortunately our guest demonstrator, Matthew Gardner was unwell and unable to demonstrate to us.  However, with just six hours notice, club chairman John Ingamells took to the lathe and did himself proud.  John used all his experience and sense of humour to deliver an interesting night,  He took two pieces of walnut, which originated from Belton House to produce a bowl with lid.  Although he was unable to complete the project, he has agreed to finish the item in the comfort of his own workshop and _REB1893display it on next months Display Table.




Club member Martin Clarkson of _REB1887Station Oak, Tattershall agreed to judge the competition for us and explained to members how he came to his decisions.


The club shop was open and as well as selling the usual consumables, there were several second-hand tools for sale together with a selection of wood.

Workshop Night – 5th February 2019

This was the first workshop night of 2019 and you have all clearly missed our monthly night at the lathe.  Over 40 members and guests turned out for yet another great evening.  Six lathes in operation and the club shop, selling consumables and some wood, ensured that everyone had a great evening and picked up some bargains.

_REB1850 _REB1851 _REB1852 _REB1853 _REB1854 _REB1842 _REB1843 _REB1844 _REB1845 _REB1846 _REB1848 _REB1849

Club Night – 15th January 2019

Our first meeting of the year, as always, bring along the AGM.  We were delighted to welcome 52 members to the evening, this is a record attendance for an AGM and we are very grateful to all that turned out.
_REB1828Chairman John Ingamells cracked on with the meeting.  The committee and officers were all keen to stand for another year and were voted back on the committee. 
Treasurer Ann Giles reported that the club is in a good situation with regards to finance.  In view of the healthy situation we are again, for the fifth year, able to hold our annual membership  subscriptions and monthly fees at the current amount.  Great news in this current financial climate.
_REB1826Tommy Collishaw our Membership Secretary informed the club that membership currently stands at 97 members, however some members still have to renew their membership.  Could we ask those members to make their payment as soon as possible. 
Demonstrator Secretary, Peter Davies asked that if another knew of any different, or new demonstrators which would benefit the club to let him know.
_REB1827We had an interesting discussion regarding the monthly competitions.  The committee will take away all the different ideas and discuss the options at the next committee meeting. 
Following the tea break, raffle and competition results we all_REB1839 settled back down for a very interesting and informative presentation by Christina from the Woodland Trust.  Hopefully she managed to recruit some of our members to also become their members.  If you would like more information please visit their website
Christina also kindly agreed to judge the first competition of the year, the results of which can be found on the competition page


Christmas Club Night – 18th December 2018_REB1775

A festive night was had by those who attended our Christmas meeting.  Club Secretary   Alan Cramer entertained on the lathe by turning a Wizards Wand out of a piece of spalted beech.  We then enjoyed an excellent Christmas buffet which was arranged and organised by our Treasurer Ann Giles.



The club are supporters of Lincolnshire Lives and we were delighted to welcome Bill Barber to our club to receive a cheque for £200 from John Ingamells and Ann Giles.





Our resident wood expert Steven Wright kindly agreed to judge our fun festive competition and awarded 1st place to Graham Black, with Jordan Bell taking the runner-up spot.





A new award was made by our President Charles Giles.  Charlie decided that he would like to bring in a new award for the club, ‘The Presidents Member of the Year’.  This award will be given to the none committee member who puts exceptional time and effort into the club, for the benefit of all. 
This year Charlie gave the award to Fiona Elkington.  Fiona works very hard each month taking control of the club competitions.  She also helps with catering for the Christmas Night and the Club Open Day.  On top of all that, Fiona can also be seen every month helping to set up the hall.   


The annual competition results were then announced and prizes presented as follows:

Rowan Novice Class

Champion          Charlie Ridley             20 points
Runner-up         Barry Pearce                13 points
3rd place            David Hillier                9 points

Rowan novice champion 2018 - Charlie Ridley.

Rowan novice champion 2018 – Charlie Ridley.

Runner-up - Barry Pearce.

Runner-up – Barry Pearce.

Third place - David Hillier.

Third place – David Hillier.







Charlie and Barry have both accumulated over 12 points and therefore been promoted to the Open Class for 2019.

Oak Open Class

Club Champion      Norman Sanders         18 points
Runner-up              Peter Hallam                11 points
3rd place                 Norman Buckberry     7 points

Club champion 2018 - Norman Sanders.

Club champion 2018 – Norman Sanders.






Unfortunately Peter and Norman were not present to receive their prizes.  We will hopefully make their presentations at the AGM in January.
Congratulations to all and thanks to everyone who entered the competitions throughout the year.  It is an important part of the club and we encourage everyone to enter.

Club President Charlie, assisted by Membership Secretary Tommy, drew the Christmas raffle with Graham Black picking up the 1st prize of £100 cash. _REB1815

Finally the club thanked Ann Giles for the excellent buffet, with John Ingamells presenting her with a bouquet of flowers.

The committee would like to wish members and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to welcoming everyone back to the club in 2019.

Workshop Night – 4th December 2018

Record numbers attended this months workshop night!  We were pleased to welcome 44 members and guests for a great evening.  The committee are very pleased with the way that workshop nights are progressing, however we will always welcome your comments and ideas.  Please speak with any committee member or drop an email to

_REB1742 _REB1741 _REB1765 _REB1762 _REB1760 _REB1758 _REB1757 _REB1748 _REB1747 _REB1746











Club night – 20th November 2018

The club was delighted to invite Mathew Gardner of Why Not Wood to complete his very first club demonstration.  Club Chairman John Ingamells asked members to go careful on him and they respected this request, settled back and enjoyed a very interesting demonstration.  Mathew produced a wonderful ebonised tea light holder using a parting tool to produce an excellent form.  As commented by several members; we can all return to our workshops and produce this project, as all that is required are basic tools.

It will be a pleasure to welcome Mathew back to us next year, provided he can endure the excessive distance he had to cover, from North Kyme!!  It’s good to support local turners.







Workshop Night – 6th November 2018

Following on from our recent Open Day, we were delighted to welcome seven guests who had been to the Open Day to our workshop night.  They joined in with twenty five members who all enjoyed turning or watching others turn.  The club shop was open and we managed to sell off the remnants from the Open day at some amazing prices. 

Hopefully everyone had a great evening and we look forward to seeing everyone at the next Club Night on the 4th December.

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Club Night – 16th October 2018

Margaret Garrard travelled down from Yorkshire to entertain over 50 members and guests and they weren’t disappointed.  At the start of the evening Margaret had to apologise for mentioning the ‘C’ word in October.  She was excused as she then went on to produce two beautiful Christmas decorations.  Before tea break she made a hollow form decoration with a top and bottom finial, using three different coloured timbers.  She was kind enough to pass around an information sheet bearing all the dimensions so that everyone can have a go at home.  Following the tea break, competition results and presidents raffle Margaret made a wonderful off centre Christmas tree.  She gave full instructions and then explained how to colour and use opal dust to  make it into a smart item.

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Workshop Night – 2nd October 2018

Thirty members and guest travelled to the village hall at Leasingham to enjoy an evening of turning.  We requested that as many as possible went on a lathe and produced something for our club open day.  Many thanks to all those who took up the challenge and made us a Christmas tree or mushroom.  Hopefully these will all sell at the open day to boost the club account.

We were also treated to a preview of our new cameras and accessories which will enhance everyone’s experience on our club nights. 

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Club Night – 18th September 2018 

Another columnist from Woodturning Magazine travelled from his workshop in Leicester to entertain us this evening.  He chose to turn a round bottomed bowl out of ash and explained how to attain the best results with his tools.  Richard has a knack of explaining and putting over the difficulty of turning in such a way that everyone understands.  He produced the bowl by using a 3/8 bowl gouge with a fingernail grind and a 60* bevel.
He also gave an acceptable argument for using either a recess or tenon to hold the piece securely in the chuck. Both work well, however a recess would mean more wastage on the wood front and in Lincolnshire that means more cost!

Apologies for the quality of the photographs this month.  Ray Blake, our club photographer had the night off, and it shows! 





Workshop Night – 4th September 2018

Great to see many club members at our recent workshop night.  On one of the lathes discussions and experiments were taking place to manufacture a Christmas tree which could be turned by a complete novice in under ten minutes at our club show in October. 


We began by asking Andy a novice member, to turn a tree using a scraper that we had modified for the job.  Unfortunately as can be seen by tree 1 above, the tool did not do the job.  However in the hands of a very experienced member Martin, it was possible to turn tree 2 with the scraper, but it would be too difficult to use this technique at the show day .  We then chewed to cud for several moments over a cup of tea and came up with the idea of using a beading tool (tree 3)to try an obtain the desired effect.  After one or two issues we were able to coach another novice, Alan to turn what we set out to achieve – tree 4.  Thanks to all involved and we now look forward to getting as many visitors to our show on the 21st October to turn for the very first time and take home a Christmas Tree.

Club Night – 21st Augustthumbnail_6DC37A1FF38A4D3786531C7B15AD5C8E

Woodturning Magazine columnist Andy Coates joined us this month and gave a very informative and interesting demonstration.  He commenced by turning a chalice from a solid piece of fresh, very wet chestnut.  Having sanded to 240 grit he then explained how to make your own ebonising solution.  Basically, in a glass jar add some white vinegar and wire wool and leave it for a while whilst the acid in the vinegar breaks down the wire wool.  Take care not to seal the jar, as there will be a build up of gas which could cause the jar to shatter.  Andy used thumbnail_D86007CF795E4A689E22EE1653F7D05Cthis mixture on his piece of wet chestnut, but said that great results could be achieved on any wet wood especially oak and silver birch.

Following our tea break Andy spoke about one of his latest projects: coffee mugs and tea cups.  He then very quickly produced a coffee mug out of a piece of dry ash and explained how to make and fix the handle.  Other suitable wood includes oak, sycamore, cherry and beech. However, do not use yew or laburnum.  There is no need to treat the wood, however Danish oil can be used or if you intend to sell the mugs a plastic coating can be applied to the inside of the mug.





Workshop Night – 7th August

We began working on items for our open day tonight.  Some of those attending worked on producing mushrooms and Christmas trees to sell at our open day.  25 members attended and all the lathes were out in full flow, well at least until we tripped the electrics and had to relocate some of the lathes.  Paul from the village hall turned out to sort the problem, for which we are very grateful.  It is thought that the small lathe may have been the culprit, so it’s now in the workshop having a full service. 
The club shop was open as usual, however we now stock clock accessories which are for sale at a very competitive price. 

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Club Night – 17th July 2018

A different format to this evenings club night, in that our guest speaker did no turning!  Instead we were entertained by the very knowledgeable Terry Smart from Chestnut Products.  Terry does not turn, however what he can do is produce a fantastic finish!  Terry explained how to use Chestnut products to achieve that much desired finish, with little effort.  If you were unable to attend, or struggled to remember all Terry’s hints and tips, go to the website, where you will find videos and newsletters.  Also if, like me you were unable to master Terry’s tablet you can still go on the website and register to receive his newsletters.

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Workshop Night – 3rd July 2018

An interesting evening, England were playing Columbia in the football world cup and it was a lovely summers evening, so the committee arrived at the village hall expecting a quite workshop night.  They were in for a pleasant surprise as 25 members and visitors turned their backs on the summer and turned down the chance to watch England win, instead they turned out for a great turning evening!  Well done and thanks to those of you came along to Leasingham last night. 

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Club Night – 19th June 2018

David Lowe joined 40 plus members this evening and after a delayed start due to problems3119F0724A7A4E368714014B27BF61DD with the TV’s and audio he gave a very informative demonstration.  He began with a vase which having turned he then decorated with a lace up effect.  David also showed how to use emulsifying paints to good effect.

David brought with him some kits and items to sell, which caused many members to part with their pocket money.

With regards to the problems we are experiencing with the TV’s the committee is working1BF8714D4E2744B9843971CD644397E2 very hard to find a financially acceptable solution to our problem.  Please bear with us during this period as we hope to have a solution as soon as possible.












Workshop Night – 5th June 2018

Twenty five keen and eager members and guests enjoyed this months workshop night. 

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Club Night – 15th May 2018

The left-handed Steve Heeley joined us this month at very short notice and gave a master class on spindle work, producing a plant stand.  He comprehensively demonstrated the art of using beads, coves and fillets, as well as expressing his vast knowledge on the safe use of all tools and equipment.

Steve working on the base of the plant stand.

Steve working on the base of the plant stand.

Rounding off the spindle.

Rounding off the spindle.

Working on the spindle which is attached to the base.

Working on the spindle which is attached to the base.







Spindle and base complete.

Spindle and base complete.

Underside of the top.

Underside of the top.

Top side of the top.

Top side of the top.






Put it all together for a completed plant stand.

Put it all together for a completed plant stand.









Chairman John Ingamells thanked Steve for a very informative demonstration.

John then informed us that after several years of supporting our club, the committee had decided that Steve Wright of Elston Saw Mill should be made a life long member.  This was welcomed by a rousing round of applause from all present.

Workshop Night – 1st May 2018

What do you get if you cross 30 turners and 7 lathes in a village hall in the heart of Lincolnshire?  Answer: Tuition, laughter, shared experiences and friendship all rolled up into a great night out for just £3 each.  If you have never been to our workshop night, you need to put the 5th of June in your diary and join us.
We all had a great night yesterday, the lathes were turning well and the club shop turned over a good profit for the club funds.



Club Night – 17th April 20189EB543651227449C9CFC9DE4ABE7D5AA

Following the announcements by chairman John Ingamells, 60 members and visitors welcome Emma ‘The Tiny Turner’ Cook to our club night.  Peering over the top of our new Record Power Coronet lathe Emma entertained us with two projects this evening.  She began with a three sided off centre turned box, followed by a mallet which is a must for all workshops.
The off centre box was produced using a 2″ square piece of ash, supplied by our resident timber supplier and comedian Steven Wright.  Having rounded off the timber she put a spigot on both 2A1E46CC267840DCAB6123BCF5D15B5Bends and then part parted it to produce a base and lid. 
Emma then explained that she used a compass to draw a 20mm diameter circle on each end.  She then used the compass, still set to 10mm to mark six points around the circle.  Having achieved six equally spaced points, she highlighted three equally spaced marks.  This task was then repeated on the other end of the piece of wood.  These are then used as the off centre marks, so the wood is then put back between centres in an off centre fixing.
Hopefully this all makes sense, if it doesn’t please visit our next F368C52F95E54064A9C6B485C83CABABworkshop night and we will try to explain further.

Emma then began to turn the off centre, taking great care with her roughing gouge and a lathe speed off just 400rpm so as to take small gentle cuts.  Having removed 1/3 she moved the wood between centres to two of the other marks and again turned off 1/3, before putting the wood between the final two marks and turning off the last third.
Emma was then able to put the wood back onto the original spigots and part off the lid from the base, before hollowing out the box and lid, so as to make a good fit. The inside of 8C32396A1854405B83B3D0300A65CCEAthe box and lid were then put onto the chuck enabling her to turn off the spigots.

Following the tea break and raffle, Emma awarded her results for the club competitions and spoke about each entered item, before returning to the stage.

The second project a carvers mallet, was produced from two pieces of wood.  a 4″ square piece of beech for the head and ash for the handle.  Unfortunately, with time against her, 17033E2A497A4756BA4FD6B36F618CF4Emma spoke more about this project, giving detailed instructions for those keen to have a go.

The evening concluded with John Ingamells thanking Emma.
We would also like to thank all the members who remained to help pack away and congratulate you on a new club record!  We managed to pack away the 14 tables, 70 chairs, the stage and sweep out the entire hall in just 20 minutes.  Well done to all concerned, but unfortunately the gauntlet has been laid down and we need more helpers to complete the task next month in 19 minutes!!14EE7669BC5D46D8AE8FA3EBD30F0B00


Workshop Night – 3rd April 2018

It was great to see so many members of different abilities at this months workshop night.  We had complete novices, intermediates, advanced, club champions and professionals working on the eight lathes and chatting to each other.  It is an unwritten rule between turners that we all share our techniques and this exactly what happens at our workshop nights.  A big thank you to everyone who attends and makes the nights so enjoyable.


















Club Night – 20th March 2018

If you were not one of the 66 members who attended to watch the skills of Mick Hanbury then unfortunately you missed a great night.

Mick once again brought his ‘A’ game to the club to delight us with a textured and coloured plate. 5CE182DCB86C449199DF256C31D03E1C

He began by turning a 12″ x 2″ piece of sycamore, supplied by our very own sawmill owner Steven Wright, into a plate with a bowl centre.  Explaining that as he was intending to colour it there would be no flat surfaces, allowing light to form shadows will enhance the piece.


As Mick turned the plate, it was clear 52E76E050FA24AF6A4BFE518E9FDF597to see why he is regarded as one of the best turners in the country.  He worked with ease, explaining his techniques and at one point treated us to a little showboating as he turned one handed!


Having produced a beautiful looking plate he then brought out the big guns and attacked the face with his
King Arthur Tool, ‘Percival’. This is basically a chainsaw and angle grinder in one 4B7BAFE250434CA78D8146A54B52131Dtool.  This was followed up with a wire brush drill attachment working along the grain.
Not finished there, he then produced a flambe torch to burn off the high spots and spikes left by the wire brush.

Painting the plate was then a master class in it’s own right, as he explained how to use matt black spray paint to start the base layer, followed by ebonising lacquer and then a high gloss clear EF2004F1C412422DB1B3F3CB9113B82Clacquer.  Having laid down the perfect base, he then used a sponge brush to apply a  top coat of copper paint – spray lacquer – rich gold – spray lacquer – pearlescent white with a final coat of spray lacquer.

Mick also judged our competition and took time to talk about each entry.  It is a real pleasure to have our local Lincolnshire lad visit us and if you want to see more of his great turning get down to the Midlands Woodworking Show on 23rd & 24th March, where he will be entertaining the crowds.


Workshop night – 7th March 2018

Our second new Record Power Coronet club lathe made it’s maiden voyage last night under the careful guidance of Norman Sanders.  Norman, together with other experienced members and Mr President Charles Giles, gave free instruction to over 40 members and guests.  We had seven lathes working and many bags of shavings were produced, much to the delight of Jim Fahy’s chickens.
The club shop was open and did exceptionally well, selling consumables and second-hand tools.  Stock in the shop is running low, so an order will be going in shortly.
The new club banner was unveiled and will be forming the back drop of our stand at the Midlands Woodworking and Power Tools show at Newark later in the month.

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Club Night – 20th February 2018

Peter Hallam visited us this month, taking the short journey from his own club at West Ashby.  Peter is a very experienced club turner who demonstrates to a high level.  He produced two clocks this evening, a mantle clock made from a piece of tulip wood before our tea break and then a clock made from an old bowling bowl.
He demonstrated many techniques that are often overlooked including using a cole chuck, drilling with a forstner bit and making a jam chuck which secured the bowl with the use of a glue gun.





The club shop was open and doing a very nice trade, selling many second-hand tools together with all the usual consumables.  Shop keeper, Alec Day reported that sales were going very well.

President Charley Giles, ran the raffle to his usual high standards, assisted by Tommy Collishaw.  Tommy also reported that the club had welcomed four new members.

The club competition, organised by Fiona Elkington received an increase in entries.  Our visiting demonstrator Peter Hallam judged and commented that all the entries were excellent and the standard was very high.  Results can be found at our competitions page.

Rowan Open Class entries.

Rowan Novice Class entries.

Oak Open Class entries.

Oak Open Class entries.




The new idea of having a display table, for members to display their work without having to entry the competition appears to be taking off.  There were several items being displayed, but we would like to see more members using this facility to spread the inspiration.


The new Display Table.

Workshop Night – 6th February

The first workshop night of 2018 attracted 35 members and seven lathes.  Some of the more experienced members took control of some of the lathes for the first time, many thanks to Norman and Harry, you both have a job for life now.  It was good to see the members enjoying each others company and discussing all things turning.

Club Night & AGM – 16th January 2018

Leading from the front; Tony Maddox, Alan Cramer, John Ingamells and Geoff Ventress.

Leading from the front (L to R) Tony Maddox, Alan Cramer, John Ingamells and Geoff Ventress.


Our first club night of 2018 meant the need to rattle through our AGM, which Chairman John Ingamells completed in just 30 minutes.  The whole committee agreed to be voted back for another year.  The accounts are looking healthy, thanks to a good annual show, the buying & selling of equipment and excellent work by our treasurer, Ann Giles.  We have a good programme planned for 2018, some new demonstrators together with some old friendly faces.



Following the AGM the 41 members present settled down to be entertained by our friend and great supporter of the club, Peter Tree.  Peter, as always gave us a good laugh and turned a useful, interesting egg stand.  Some say he should hit the stage in partnership with his comedy partner.  Allegedly the BBC are keen to sign up the new kids on the block – Peter Tree and Steve Wright!!






Following the retirement of our photographer Harry Cleworth, we are pleased to announce that we now have not one, but two club photographers.  May we welcome Ray Blake and Steve O’Donnell to the team and thank them for stepping up to the mark.

We have also decided to try a new idea, a display table.  Here members can display any turnings they have completed.  The idea is to promote new, old and interesting ideas to inspire and encourage us all.  So, please bring something along to the display table to help develop all our skills.

Januarys display table. Could we have more items next month please.

Januarys display table.