Welcome to the news page of our website.  On this page we will try to bring you up to date news and comments on events and issues to do with our club. 

11th September 2021thumbnail_20210911_112638

Today the club was invited to have a stand at the Navenby Flag Fest.  We took two lathes so that we were able to demonstrate and also give the opportunity for members of the public to have a go at turning.
John Ingamells and Pete Davies demonstrated some interesting projects, Norman Sanders assisted 63 customers to turn a free Christmas tree, whilst other members chatted and promoted the club and our forthcoming open day.  It was a well attended event and an ideal chance to promote the craft we are so passionate about.
Below are a few photos of some very happy folks with there Christmas trees.



















2nd September 2021pen

At our last zoom meeting chairman John Ingamells confessed to having never turned a pen, but agreed to make one in the next few weeks.  True to his word, John is pleased to show his turned pen, which he told me can write underwater!!  It can also write other words.

(Click on the image to make it bigger)

2nd September 2021

Please see below a recent email sent to all members.

Ann Giles would like to thank members for their cards and kind words of support following the sad loss of Charles.  In line with Charlies wish, his funeral will be a quiet family occasion.  Our thoughts are with Ann and her family at this very difficult and sad time.

As a mark of respect, we are going to postpone ‘Charlie’s Challenge’ for this month.  Having spoken with Ann, we are keen that Charlie’s Challenge continues in some form for the foreseeable future.  Therefore, the latest challenge, ‘something with a lid’ will roll over to next month.  Let’s make it a good one in respect to Charlie.  If you have already sent some photos through, these will be held back for next month.  You are most welcome to submit more than one piece.  All you have to do is send two photos of your work to the club email address, by 9pm Friday 1st October.  Martin will then critic the submissions and his video will be on the website the following week. 

The committee are looking forwards to welcoming you all back to the workshop night next Tuesday, 7th September.  Doors open at 7pm until 10pm.  There will be lathes and a sharpening system, as well as the club shop.  Refreshments will be available and this is all for just £3.  Please remember that we are still a cash only club. We are hoping for a good turn-out and a fantastic evening.  It’s been a long time since we met at the village hall, so please come along for a great social time.

29th August 2021

Please read below a letter sent to all members from our chairman, John Ingamells.

Dear Club Member, 

It’s been a very long time since we last met at the club headquarters in Leasingham. There have been many changes to everyday life and I hope my letter finds you and your family well.  As we are now coming out of the dreadful pandemic and clubs like ours are beginning to resume to the new normal, I wanted to write to you and give you some updates regarding our club. 

During the last 16 months we have attempted to keep the club functioning with various remote events, such as our popular zoom meetings and Charlie’s Challenge.  When government restrictions allowed, we met several times for outdoor sessions in my garden.  I would like to thank members who participated in these events, it encouraged us all to keep ploughing on whilst staying safe. 

I am now delighted that we are able to resume organised events back at the village hall, starting with our workshop evenings.  We have decided to resume these evenings on Tuesday 7th September between 7pm and 10pm and then the first Tuesday of each month thereafter.  We will have several lathes out, together with a sharpening system.  The club shop will be open and we will provide tea, coffee and biscuits.  We will have doors and windows open to allow clean air to circulate, but will not be insisting on the wearing of face masks, we will leave this to your discretion.  The cost of the evening remains at just £3.00 plus a donation for refreshments.  Please note we are still a cash only club. 

We have decided to hold back on the resumption of the club demonstration evenings.  We feel that it is too soon to ask members to sit in close, formal rows whilst watching a demonstrator.  Also, we have already booked two professional demonstrators for upcoming zoom meetings.  With all this in mind we have decided that, providing there is no new lockdowns or restrictions, we will resume our club demonstration evenings on Tuesday 16th November, doors will open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start. 

We continue to prepare for the club show on Sunday 17th October at Leasingham Village Hall.  Attractions include an all-day demonstration by Emma ‘The Tiny Turner’ Cook.  Miniature turning demonstration.  The always popular ‘Have a go’ lathe. Refreshments.  Plus, many more stalls, showcasing different crafts. 

Prior to the pandemic our club was thriving, with just over 100 registered members, I hope that you will be able to join us on the 7th September to meet old friends and fellow turners.  It would be great to see you again as I like so many, have missed the personal contact with you all. Whilst zoom meetings have been a life line for our club, nothing beats meeting up in person and having a good time together. 

If you would like more details, you can contact me on 01522 810522 after 6pm or by email                    

Many thanks, take care and I’ll see you on the 7th September. 

John Ingamells 

Club Chairman. 

20th August 20211

It is with sadness that we have to inform you that our club president Charles Giles passed away earlier this week.
Charlie was instrumental in setting up our club, when in 1993 a few friends met in a garden shed to form Lincolnshire Association of Woodturners.  At that first meeting Charlie took on the role of club Secretary and served on the committee ever since.  Charlie was heavily committed to the success of the club and steered it through good and not so good times.  An exceptionally good turner himself, Charlie was always keen to pass on his knowledge to members.  In 2016, in recognition for his hard work and dedication to our club, Charlie was made Honorary President.
Our thoughts are with Charlie’s wife Ann, our treasurer and his family at this very sad time.
Information regarding Charlie’s funeral will be posted here.

5th August 2021

Please click below to view Martin Clarkson’s video of Charlie’s Challenge 22- A piece of art.

29th July 2021

Please see an email sent to all members last night regarding future events within the club.

The club committee sat last night and made some difficult decisions with regards to moving forwards, whilst trying to protect our members and the clubs’ finances.  

Club demonstrator evenings
We have decided to hold back on the re-opening of the club demonstrator evenings, on the third Tuesday of each month, until November.  Many factors were considered when making this decision, including:  
   We feel that it is too soon to hold our normal demonstrator evenings, where members would be in close contact with each other whilst sat watching the demonstrator.  
   We are unsure how many members would be prepared to turn out, therefore once we have paid for a professional demonstrator, there may be a cash shortfall.   
   We had already secured zoom demonstrators and do not feel it appropriate to cancel these professionals, who have clearly struggled financially during the pandemic.

The next three zoom meetings are:
   17th August 2021, In house video on pen making, made by club members and presented by Alan Cramer.  We would also like those who have participated in Charlie’s Challenge to show and tell some of their entries.
   21st September 2021, Phil Greenwood, professional turner.
   19th October 2021, Chris Parker, professional turner.

Chairman John Ingamells will as usual, email all members with the log in details nearer the event. Please note; these meetings are only available to paid up club members.

Workshop evenings
Workshop evenings will return, on Tuesday 7th September 2021 between 7pm & 10pm at our home in Leasingham Village Hall.  We will be getting out all the lathes and sharpening systems.  Refreshments will be available and we will try to get the club shop open. 

Face masks are optional and we will open doors and windows to provide a circulation of fresh air.  

The cost of the evening remains at just £3.  Please note that we are still a cash only club and would appreciate if you are able to bring the correct change. 

Outdoor Open Sessions
We have an outdoor open session at Johns home in Navenby organised for next Tuesday, 3rd August.  It will be just one session between 1pm – 5pm.  The lathes and sharpening systems will be out and the club shop will be open.  Refreshments will be available and free.

There is no need to book, just pop along at some time during the afternoon for a very sociable time.  There’s no requirement to go on a lathe, we just want to encourage all members to call in, even if you haven’t been before.

Charlie’s Challenge
Charlie’s latest challenge, a piece of art, concludes this Friday.  If you haven’t already photographed your art work, you have until 9pm this Friday to email them across to the cub email address.

Club Show
We continue to prepare for the club show on Sunday 17th October at Leasingham Village Hall.  Attractions include an all-day demonstration by Emma ‘The Tiny Turner’ Cook.  Miniature turning demonstration.  The always popular ‘Have a go’ lathe. Refreshments.  Plus, many more stalls, showcasing different crafts.

That’s it for now, hopefully we will see you all sometime next Tuesday at Navenby.  If you have any concerns, please feel free to drop us an email or contact a committee member, details are on the website.

23rd July 2021

You committee have been making enquiries and seeking advice with regards to returning to action at our home in Leasingham village hall.  We will be having a committee meeting next Tuesday to decide which way to progress.  We have to take into consideration the safety of our membership, together with the financial implications to the club.  We will keep you informed via email and through the club website, posting all information here on the news page.

14th July 2021 

This month’s Woodturning Magazine features a great article about our club and it’s commitment to St Barnabas Hospice.  We have now produced in excess of 50 wig stands to be donated to the charity.  Thanks to all the members who have contributed and if you have not already purchased a copy of the magazine, we strongly recommend that you pop to your newsagent to pick up issue 359 and turn immediately to page 81.  Happy reading! 

14th July 2021 

Please see below a recent email sent to all club members:


First, I need to apologise as we are still experiencing difficulties in bringing you Martin’s critic video for Charlie’s last challenge.  Please rest assured that once I am in receipt of the video it will be posted onto the news page of the website.

Charlie’s Challenge – Part 22.

In view of the difficulties we are having, we have decided to push ahead with Charlie’s next challenge. 

Charlie believes, like many of us, that wood turning is an art and many of the pieces produced can be classed as art.  This led Charlie to take to his dictionary and look up the meaning of ‘art’.  According to the Oxford Dictionary, art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

So, there you have it, Charlie’s Challenge – part 22, will be to produce a piece of ‘art’!  You have until 9pm Friday 30th July to send two photos with a rule for scale, to the club email address;  We will then ask Martin Clarkson to produce a video critiquing the pieces, which will be available to view on the website the following week. 

Co-vid update

As you are no doubt aware, co-vid restrictions are being eased and life is slowly getting back to some sort of normality.  Please bear with the committee as we consider all the implications of resuming our club activities at Leasingham village hall.  We have to be guided by the village hall committee and their new protocols.  We also have to consider our options and weather they are viable with regards to the finance of the club and the welfare of our membership.  We are working hard to get back to where we all want to be, but there are going to be some difficult decisions.  We thank you for your patience.

Club Open Sessions

Due to possible changes in how we might be operating very soon, we do not know if we will be holding an open session in August.  However, as with all changes, we will inform you as soon as we have any news.

Club Annual Show

Our club show is scheduled for Sunday 17th October 2021 and at the moment we are heavily involved in trying to make sure it goes ahead.  We have many stall holders provisionally booked and are pleased to announce that this year Emma ‘The Tiny Turner’ Cook will be the professional turner demonstrating throughout the day.  

The committee works tirelessly to ensure that the club continues to progress and emerges from the pandemic in a positive, safe way.  We will move forward as quickly as possible and thank you all for your support.  

Take care and keep turning, we are nearly there.

14th July 2021 

We are pleased to bring you Martin’s critic of Charlie’s Challenge Part 21.