Past meetings

Workshop Night – 4th December 2018

Record numbers attended this months workshop night!  We were pleased to welcome 44 members and guests for a great evening.  The committee are very pleased with the way that workshop nights are progressing, however we will always welcome your comments and ideas.  Please speak with any committee member or drop an email to

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Club night – 20th November 2018

The club was delighted to invite Mathew Gardner of Why Not Wood to complete his very first club demonstration.  Club Chairman John Ingamells asked members to go careful on him and they respected this request, settled back and enjoyed a very interesting demonstration.  Mathew produced a wonderful ebonised tea light holder using a parting tool to produce an excellent form.  As commented by several members; we can all return to our workshops and produce this project, as all that is required are basic tools.

It will be a pleasure to welcome Mathew back to us next year, provided he can endure the excessive distance he had to cover, from North Kyme!!  It’s good to support local turners.







Workshop Night – 6th November 2018

Following on from our recent Open Day, we were delighted to welcome seven guests who had been to the Open Day to our workshop night.  They joined in with twenty five members who all enjoyed turning or watching others turn.  The club shop was open and we managed to sell off the remnants from the Open day at some amazing prices. 

Hopefully everyone had a great evening and we look forward to seeing everyone at the next Club Night on the 4th December.

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Club Night – 16th October 2018

Margaret Garrard travelled down from Yorkshire to entertain over 50 members and guests and they weren’t disappointed.  At the start of the evening Margaret had to apologise for mentioning the ‘C’ word in October.  She was excused as she then went on to produce two beautiful Christmas decorations.  Before tea break she made a hollow form decoration with a top and bottom finial, using three different coloured timbers.  She was kind enough to pass around an information sheet bearing all the dimensions so that everyone can have a go at home.  Following the tea break, competition results and presidents raffle Margaret made a wonderful off centre Christmas tree.  She gave full instructions and then explained how to colour and use opal dust to  make it into a smart item.

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Workshop Night – 2nd October 2018

Thirty members and guest travelled to the village hall at Leasingham to enjoy an evening of turning.  We requested that as many as possible went on a lathe and produced something for our club open day.  Many thanks to all those who took up the challenge and made us a Christmas tree or mushroom.  Hopefully these will all sell at the open day to boost the club account.

We were also treated to a preview of our new cameras and accessories which will enhance everyone’s experience on our club nights. 

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Club Night – 18th September 2018 

Another columnist from Woodturning Magazine travelled from his workshop in Leicester to entertain us this evening.  He chose to turn a round bottomed bowl out of ash and explained how to attain the best results with his tools.  Richard has a knack of explaining and putting over the difficulty of turning in such a way that everyone understands.  He produced the bowl by using a 3/8 bowl gouge with a fingernail grind and a 60* bevel.
He also gave an acceptable argument for using either a recess or tenon to hold the piece securely in the chuck. Both work well, however a recess would mean more wastage on the wood front and in Lincolnshire that means more cost!

Apologies for the quality of the photographs this month.  Ray Blake, our club photographer had the night off, and it shows! 





Workshop Night – 4th September 2018

Great to see many club members at our recent workshop night.  On one of the lathes discussions and experiments were taking place to manufacture a Christmas tree which could be turned by a complete novice in under ten minutes at our club show in October. 


We began by asking Andy a novice member, to turn a tree using a scraper that we had modified for the job.  Unfortunately as can be seen by tree 1 above, the tool did not do the job.  However in the hands of a very experienced member Martin, it was possible to turn tree 2 with the scraper, but it would be too difficult to use this technique at the show day .  We then chewed to cud for several moments over a cup of tea and came up with the idea of using a beading tool (tree 3)to try an obtain the desired effect.  After one or two issues we were able to coach another novice, Alan to turn what we set out to achieve – tree 4.  Thanks to all involved and we now look forward to getting as many visitors to our show on the 21st October to turn for the very first time and take home a Christmas Tree.

Club Night – 21st Augustthumbnail_6DC37A1FF38A4D3786531C7B15AD5C8E

Woodturning Magazine columnist Andy Coates joined us this month and gave a very informative and interesting demonstration.  He commenced by turning a chalice from a solid piece of fresh, very wet chestnut.  Having sanded to 240 grit he then explained how to make your own ebonising solution.  Basically, in a glass jar add some white vinegar and wire wool and leave it for a while whilst the acid in the vinegar breaks down the wire wool.  Take care not to seal the jar, as there will be a build up of gas which could cause the jar to shatter.  Andy used thumbnail_D86007CF795E4A689E22EE1653F7D05Cthis mixture on his piece of wet chestnut, but said that great results could be achieved on any wet wood especially oak and silver birch.

Following our tea break Andy spoke about one of his latest projects: coffee mugs and tea cups.  He then very quickly produced a coffee mug out of a piece of dry ash and explained how to make and fix the handle.  Other suitable wood includes oak, sycamore, cherry and beech. However, do not use yew or laburnum.  There is no need to treat the wood, however Danish oil can be used or if you intend to sell the mugs a plastic coating can be applied to the inside of the mug.





Workshop Night – 7th August

We began working on items for our open day tonight.  Some of those attending worked on producing mushrooms and Christmas trees to sell at our open day.  25 members attended and all the lathes were out in full flow, well at least until we tripped the electrics and had to relocate some of the lathes.  Paul from the village hall turned out to sort the problem, for which we are very grateful.  It is thought that the small lathe may have been the culprit, so it’s now in the workshop having a full service. 
The club shop was open as usual, however we now stock clock accessories which are for sale at a very competitive price. 

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Club Night – 17th July 2018

A different format to this evenings club night, in that our guest speaker did no turning!  Instead we were entertained by the very knowledgeable Terry Smart from Chestnut Products.  Terry does not turn, however what he can do is produce a fantastic finish!  Terry explained how to use Chestnut products to achieve that much desired finish, with little effort.  If you were unable to attend, or struggled to remember all Terry’s hints and tips, go to the website, where you will find videos and newsletters.  Also if, like me you were unable to master Terry’s tablet you can still go on the website and register to receive his newsletters.

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Workshop Night – 3rd July 2018

An interesting evening, England were playing Columbia in the football world cup and it was a lovely summers evening, so the committee arrived at the village hall expecting a quite workshop night.  They were in for a pleasant surprise as 25 members and visitors turned their backs on the summer and turned down the chance to watch England win, instead they turned out for a great turning evening!  Well done and thanks to those of you came along to Leasingham last night. 

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Club Night – 19th June 2018

David Lowe joined 40 plus members this evening and after a delayed start due to problems3119F0724A7A4E368714014B27BF61DD with the TV’s and audio he gave a very informative demonstration.  He began with a vase which having turned he then decorated with a lace up effect.  David also showed how to use emulsifying paints to good effect.

David brought with him some kits and items to sell, which caused many members to part with their pocket money.

With regards to the problems we are experiencing with the TV’s the committee is working1BF8714D4E2744B9843971CD644397E2 very hard to find a financially acceptable solution to our problem.  Please bear with us during this period as we hope to have a solution as soon as possible.












Workshop Night – 5th June 2018

Twenty five keen and eager members and guests enjoyed this months workshop night. 

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Club Night – 15th May 2018

The left-handed Steve Heeley joined us this month at very short notice and gave a master class on spindle work, producing a plant stand.  He comprehensively demonstrated the art of using beads, coves and fillets, as well as expressing his vast knowledge on the safe use of all tools and equipment.

Steve working on the base of the plant stand.

Steve working on the base of the plant stand.

Rounding off the spindle.

Rounding off the spindle.

Working on the spindle which is attached to the base.

Working on the spindle which is attached to the base.







Spindle and base complete.

Spindle and base complete.

Underside of the top.

Underside of the top.

Top side of the top.

Top side of the top.






Put it all together for a completed plant stand.

Put it all together for a completed plant stand.









Chairman John Ingamells thanked Steve for a very informative demonstration.

John then informed us that after several years of supporting our club, the committee had decided that Steve Wright of Elston Saw Mill should be made a life long member.  This was welcomed by a rousing round of applause from all present.

Workshop Night – 1st May 2018

What do you get if you cross 30 turners and 7 lathes in a village hall in the heart of Lincolnshire?  Answer: Tuition, laughter, shared experiences and friendship all rolled up into a great night out for just £3 each.  If you have never been to our workshop night, you need to put the 5th of June in your diary and join us.
We all had a great night yesterday, the lathes were turning well and the club shop turned over a good profit for the club funds.



Club Night – 17th April 20189EB543651227449C9CFC9DE4ABE7D5AA

Following the announcements by chairman John Ingamells, 60 members and visitors welcome Emma ‘The Tiny Turner’ Cook to our club night.  Peering over the top of our new Record Power Coronet lathe Emma entertained us with two projects this evening.  She began with a three sided off centre turned box, followed by a mallet which is a must for all workshops.
The off centre box was produced using a 2″ square piece of ash, supplied by our resident timber supplier and comedian Steven Wright.  Having rounded off the timber she put a spigot on both 2A1E46CC267840DCAB6123BCF5D15B5Bends and then part parted it to produce a base and lid. 
Emma then explained that she used a compass to draw a 20mm diameter circle on each end.  She then used the compass, still set to 10mm to mark six points around the circle.  Having achieved six equally spaced points, she highlighted three equally spaced marks.  This task was then repeated on the other end of the piece of wood.  These are then used as the off centre marks, so the wood is then put back between centres in an off centre fixing.
Hopefully this all makes sense, if it doesn’t please visit our next F368C52F95E54064A9C6B485C83CABABworkshop night and we will try to explain further.

Emma then began to turn the off centre, taking great care with her roughing gouge and a lathe speed off just 400rpm so as to take small gentle cuts.  Having removed 1/3 she moved the wood between centres to two of the other marks and again turned off 1/3, before putting the wood between the final two marks and turning off the last third.
Emma was then able to put the wood back onto the original spigots and part off the lid from the base, before hollowing out the box and lid, so as to make a good fit. The inside of 8C32396A1854405B83B3D0300A65CCEAthe box and lid were then put onto the chuck enabling her to turn off the spigots.

Following the tea break and raffle, Emma awarded her results for the club competitions and spoke about each entered item, before returning to the stage.

The second project a carvers mallet, was produced from two pieces of wood.  a 4″ square piece of beech for the head and ash for the handle.  Unfortunately, with time against her, 17033E2A497A4756BA4FD6B36F618CF4Emma spoke more about this project, giving detailed instructions for those keen to have a go.

The evening concluded with John Ingamells thanking Emma.
We would also like to thank all the members who remained to help pack away and congratulate you on a new club record!  We managed to pack away the 14 tables, 70 chairs, the stage and sweep out the entire hall in just 20 minutes.  Well done to all concerned, but unfortunately the gauntlet has been laid down and we need more helpers to complete the task next month in 19 minutes!!14EE7669BC5D46D8AE8FA3EBD30F0B00


Workshop Night – 3rd April 2018

It was great to see so many members of different abilities at this months workshop night.  We had complete novices, intermediates, advanced, club champions and professionals working on the eight lathes and chatting to each other.  It is an unwritten rule between turners that we all share our techniques and this exactly what happens at our workshop nights.  A big thank you to everyone who attends and makes the nights so enjoyable.


















Club Night – 20th March 2018

If you were not one of the 66 members who attended to watch the skills of Mick Hanbury then unfortunately you missed a great night.

Mick once again brought his ‘A’ game to the club to delight us with a textured and coloured plate. 5CE182DCB86C449199DF256C31D03E1C

He began by turning a 12″ x 2″ piece of sycamore, supplied by our very own sawmill owner Steven Wright, into a plate with a bowl centre.  Explaining that as he was intending to colour it there would be no flat surfaces, allowing light to form shadows will enhance the piece.


As Mick turned the plate, it was clear 52E76E050FA24AF6A4BFE518E9FDF597to see why he is regarded as one of the best turners in the country.  He worked with ease, explaining his techniques and at one point treated us to a little showboating as he turned one handed!


Having produced a beautiful looking plate he then brought out the big guns and attacked the face with his
King Arthur Tool, ‘Percival’. This is basically a chainsaw and angle grinder in one 4B7BAFE250434CA78D8146A54B52131Dtool.  This was followed up with a wire brush drill attachment working along the grain.
Not finished there, he then produced a flambe torch to burn off the high spots and spikes left by the wire brush.

Painting the plate was then a master class in it’s own right, as he explained how to use matt black spray paint to start the base layer, followed by ebonising lacquer and then a high gloss clear EF2004F1C412422DB1B3F3CB9113B82Clacquer.  Having laid down the perfect base, he then used a sponge brush to apply a  top coat of copper paint – spray lacquer – rich gold – spray lacquer – pearlescent white with a final coat of spray lacquer.

Mick also judged our competition and took time to talk about each entry.  It is a real pleasure to have our local Lincolnshire lad visit us and if you want to see more of his great turning get down to the Midlands Woodworking Show on 23rd & 24th March, where he will be entertaining the crowds.


Workshop night – 7th March 2018

Our second new Record Power Coronet club lathe made it’s maiden voyage last night under the careful guidance of Norman Sanders.  Norman, together with other experienced members and Mr President Charles Giles, gave free instruction to over 40 members and guests.  We had seven lathes working and many bags of shavings were produced, much to the delight of Jim Fahy’s chickens.
The club shop was open and did exceptionally well, selling consumables and second-hand tools.  Stock in the shop is running low, so an order will be going in shortly.
The new club banner was unveiled and will be forming the back drop of our stand at the Midlands Woodworking and Power Tools show at Newark later in the month.

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Club Night – 20th February 2018

Peter Hallam visited us this month, taking the short journey from his own club at West Ashby.  Peter is a very experienced club turner who demonstrates to a high level.  He produced two clocks this evening, a mantle clock made from a piece of tulip wood before our tea break and then a clock made from an old bowling bowl.
He demonstrated many techniques that are often overlooked including using a cole chuck, drilling with a forstner bit and making a jam chuck which secured the bowl with the use of a glue gun.





The club shop was open and doing a very nice trade, selling many second-hand tools together with all the usual consumables.  Shop keeper, Alec Day reported that sales were going very well.

President Charley Giles, ran the raffle to his usual high standards, assisted by Tommy Collishaw.  Tommy also reported that the club had welcomed four new members.

The club competition, organised by Fiona Elkington received an increase in entries.  Our visiting demonstrator Peter Hallam judged and commented that all the entries were excellent and the standard was very high.  Results can be found at our competitions page.

Rowan Open Class entries.

Rowan Novice Class entries.

Oak Open Class entries.

Oak Open Class entries.




The new idea of having a display table, for members to display their work without having to entry the competition appears to be taking off.  There were several items being displayed, but we would like to see more members using this facility to spread the inspiration.


The new Display Table.

Workshop Night – 6th February

The first workshop night of 2018 attracted 35 members and seven lathes.  Some of the more experienced members took control of some of the lathes for the first time, many thanks to Norman and Harry, you both have a job for life now.  It was good to see the members enjoying each others company and discussing all things turning.

Club Night & AGM – 16th January 2018

Leading from the front; Tony Maddox, Alan Cramer, John Ingamells and Geoff Ventress.

Leading from the front (L to R) Tony Maddox, Alan Cramer, John Ingamells and Geoff Ventress.


Our first club night of 2018 meant the need to rattle through our AGM, which Chairman John Ingamells completed in just 30 minutes.  The whole committee agreed to be voted back for another year.  The accounts are looking healthy, thanks to a good annual show, the buying & selling of equipment and excellent work by our treasurer, Ann Giles.  We have a good programme planned for 2018, some new demonstrators together with some old friendly faces.



Following the AGM the 41 members present settled down to be entertained by our friend and great supporter of the club, Peter Tree.  Peter, as always gave us a good laugh and turned a useful, interesting egg stand.  Some say he should hit the stage in partnership with his comedy partner.  Allegedly the BBC are keen to sign up the new kids on the block – Peter Tree and Steve Wright!!






Following the retirement of our photographer Harry Cleworth, we are pleased to announce that we now have not one, but two club photographers.  May we welcome Ray Blake and Steve O’Donnell to the team and thank them for stepping up to the mark.

We have also decided to try a new idea, a display table.  Here members can display any turnings they have completed.  The idea is to promote new, old and interesting ideas to inspire and encourage us all.  So, please bring something along to the display table to help develop all our skills.

Januarys display table. Could we have more items next month please.

Januarys display table.




Christmas Club Night – 19th December

The members and there were over seventy of them present, were treated to a well deserved Christmas party.  Chairman John Ingamells took to the stage to give an insight into how he turns scabby, unsightly pieces of timber that most of us would cast back into the log basket.  It was a light-hearted demo which at times saw some club members being called onto the stage to assist.
At tea break we were treated to a great buffet which had been prepared by our treasurer, Ann Giles and served by her many assistants.  Many thanks to Ann and her merry band of sous-chefs.
We then had the presentation of competition prizes.  Norman Buckberry and Charlie Ridley took the monthly awards and both received Christmas selection boxes.
The main event was the awarding of the Rowan and Oak competition prizes.  The results and photos can be found on our competition page.
A special presentation was made to our club photographer Harry Cleworth.  After many years service as our photographer Harry has decided to hang up his Nikon.  The club thanked Harry and presented him with a M&S gift voucher.  Harry will be missed on the camera, but will continue to be an active club member.

Kevin Walker thanking Harry for his many years of service as club photographer.

Kevin Walker thanking Harry for his many years service as club photographer.

Our president Charles Giles, assisted by Tom Collishaw the made the prize raffle draw.  We were very fortunate to have many good quality prizes including £100 cash, gift vouchers for Fulbeck Craft centre and numerous bottles of Christmas spirit.  We also raffled off all the professional demonstration pieces which had been donated throughout the year.

Chris Backman was the lucky winner of the £100 cash first prize.

Chris Backwell was the lucky winner of the £100 cash first prize.

The evening concluded when Alan Rust proposed thanks to the committee for producing a wonderful evening and also thanks for all their work throughout the year.

Workshop Night – 5th December

Forty members enjoyed another great night of laughter and turning.  We had seven lathes in operation and they were used to make many different projects.  New members were able to turn for the first time and thanks to all our experienced members who were on hand to offer advice in a gentle kind way.

Geoff Ventress demonstrating how to hollow a shallow bowl.

Geoff Ventress demonstrating how to hollow a shallow bowl.

Alec Day completing a deep hollow.

Alec Day completing a deep hollow.






Alan Cramer produced another 'large' piece for the dolls house.

Alan Cramer produced another ‘large’ piece for the dolls house.






Club Night – 21st November

Andy Coates travelled from his Suffolk workshop to entertain us this evening.  Andy explained that he would be colouring the recess of a shallow dish using good quality acrylic paints.  He showed how to make an interesting paint pattern using what is known as Rayleigh-Bernard Cells. A rather messy system of painting, but the results are truly amazing.
Following our tea-break Andy made a selection of spinning tops including the interesting and amusing self-inverting spinning top.  Something that must be turned as Christmas presents for young and old.

The self-inverting spinning top.

The self-inverting spinning top.






Workshop Night – 7th November 2017

To confirm that our club show was an overwhelming success, 41 guests and members braved a cold winters night to contribute to a great workshop night.  Many guests, some of them new to turning, took to the lathes to turn for the first time.
Membership Secretary Tom is pleased to report that six new members enrolled last night and several others gave their commitment to the club stating they would be joining soon.






Club Night – 17th October

Members were well entertained this evening by Sue Harker on our new club lathe.  Sue made a very interesting off centre candlestick holder out of a beautiful piece of spalted beech.  Having turned a cylinder she turned it twice off centre to provide two off centre coves.  Sanding was made easy by using what Sue called a cigar, which she had also turned.

The candle holder and base were turned separately and then offered up to the spindle to form the whole item.

The members found Sues demonstration both interesting and informative.

20171017_220220 20171017_204642 20171017_193946

Workshop Night – 3rd October

23 members were present tonight to welcome in the new club lathe.  Great interest was shown in it and all present seemed to be delighted with the clubs purchase, hopefully all the professional demonstrators with feel the same way.
It was good to have a large turn-out and those that wanted to turn did so.  There was some interesting turning and hopefully everyone went home contented.  The club shop was open for business and there was a collection of second-hand tools for sale at very competitive prices.  Many, many back issues of ‘Woodturning’ magazines were also available for members to take home and get inspiration from.

Club Night – 19th September

It was our pleasure to welcome Mick Hanbury back to our club for another night of informative instruction coupled with laughter and banter.  Mick demonstrated how to turn a bowl and then decorate the outside with iridescent paint.  As always Mick catered for both the novice and experienced turner when delivering his demonstration and everyone went home more informed and well entertained.

Mick's external painted bowl.

Mick’s external painted bowl.




Mick kindly judged our club competitions and having awarded the places, explained his decisions and personal preferences.  For information on the outcome of the competition please visit the competitions page.

Also during our coffee break, members spoke with Mick, listened to see if they had won on the raffle and made purchases from the club shop and Steve Wright of Elston Saw Mill fame.  This month the club also had many second-hand tools for sale at very competitive prices.

Workshop Night – 5th September

Many members enjoyed another workshop night, with five lathes and a sharpening station getting plenty of use.  New members enjoyed some free tuition from experienced members, whilst some of the guys just enjoyed watching and joining in with the good humoured banter.
If you have not been to a workshop night please consider visiting us next month, you will not be disappointed.

Colin & Peter preparing for Christmas by making a seasonal tree.

Colin & Peter preparing for Christmas by making a seasonal tree.

Alan giving new member Janet Horne some advice.

Alan giving new member Janet Horne some advice.

Technical 'expert' John adjusting a club lathe.

Technical ‘expert’ John adjusting a club lathe.






Club night – August 2017

52 members turned out to give Andrew Hall a great Lincolnshire welcome.  Andrew began by making a guitar slide as part of a warm up exercise, he used a piece of pink ivory.  This exercise, aimed at the newer members, involved using a roughing gouge, parting tool and a drill to achieve a slide that will fit on both the little finger and ring finger.  He also showed how to make and use a jam chuck to complete the project.

Guitar slide made from pink ivory.

Guitar slide made from pink ivory.



For his next project Andrew turned a barbeque goblet complete with hat lid and an olives dish.  As the wood was green, he turned it all quite thick, so that the wine does not seep through.   He chose not to finish it, so that it keeps it’s natural look.  As the sycamore was green, it is important to keep the goblet and bowl uniform to prevent splitting.  Also to release as much strain as possible Andrew drilled a hole up the inside of the stem of the goblet.







For his finale, Andrew treated us to a few tunes on his bowlkelele,  before moving onto his spade guitar. What a wonderful end to a great evening.



Workshop night – August 2017

Another great turn-out for our new look workshop night.  We decided that members who used the lathes for the first half of the evening would turn until coffee break.  Then for the second half of the evening different members could turn until close of play.  This gives everyone who wants to turn the opportunity to have a go.  If projects are unfinished, members can either take it home to finish or bring it back next month to complete.  This new idea seemed to be well accepted and therefore will be the format for the next workshop night.  So please come along and enjoy a great evening for just £3.
Below are some photos of members having a go and also watching the more experienced.

Peter Davies 'closely' supervising and having a laugh with Dave Robinson

Peter Davies ‘closely’ supervising and having a laugh with Dave Robinson

Geoff Ventress explaining the finer details of turning acrylic to Ray Woolley and John Bomphrey.

Geoff Ventress explaining the finer details of turning acrylic to Ray Woolley and John Bomphrey.

Bernard Needham and Stu Douglas admiring the work of Alan Cramer.

Bernard Needham and Stu Douglas admiring the work of Alan Cramer.










Putting the world of turning to rights - Charley Giles, William Elkington, John Imgamells and Alec Day.

Putting the world of turning to rights – Charley Giles, William Elkington, John Ingamells and Alec Day.


Club night – July 2017

Margaret turning her involuted Christmas decoration.

Margaret turning her involuted Christmas decoration.

Margaret Garrard from the beautiful Swaledale came down to demonstrate to us this month.  She impressed with an involuted Christmas decoration.  Having demonstrated and explain how to take four pieces of timber and glue them with paper in between each joint, she then showed us how to turn the inside.  Good advice was given with regards to nailing a square piece of thin ply on each end of the four pieces, this did away with the need and cost of using two steb centres.
When turning the ‘inside’ it is important to remember not to turn it down to a cylinder, as the four corners

will be required to turn the ‘outside’, once the four pieces have been split and then revolved before being glued again.  Whilst turning the ‘outside’, try to follow the lines of the ‘inside’.
There are several samples of involuted turning on youtube, type ‘involuted turning’ into your serch engine.

A completed Christmas decoration.

A completed Christmas decoration.

Try an involuted miniature bottle store. It will drive your friends mad!

Try an involuted miniature bottle store. Unable to access the bottle, it will drive your friends mad!









Workshop night – July 2017

Another well attended workshop night with five lathes in operation.  It was very good and rewarding to see several well experienced members offering advice to the less experienced.  Thanks gents.
We had various projects on the go, as well as two grinders, so members could learn more about sharpening, something that appears to trouble many of us.
Workshop nights are always an enjoyable relaxed evening were you can have a go, or if you prefer you can just watch and chat, we really don’t mind.

June 2017

Richard Findley, contributor to Woodturning magazine, entertained us this month.  One of Richards recent articles in the popular magazine involved casting pewter into his turning.   Richard explained that because this piece had received considerable interest from readers on social media, he has since given many demonstrations on the topic.  We were delighted that he also decided to give a similar demonstration to our club.  He showed us how to turn a small lidded box with a pewter inlay in the lid.









Richard has posted a pewter/turning project on ‘youtube’, so for more information type ‘Richard Findley pewter’ into your search engine.

7th June

Another great workshop night with the Lincolnshire Association of Woodturners.  17 members attended keeping all five lathe busy.  The wood available to turn had been kindly donated by Steven Wright of Elston Woodyard.  Below are a few photo’s of the evening.


Stuart Colishaw receiving some expert advice from Geoff Ventress


John Ingamells gave advice on sharpening tools.


Paul Clingo turning a bowl.


William Elkington with his oak platter.






Stuart Douglas hollowing for the first time under the guidance of Alan Cramer.


Jordan Bell with the ogee bowl he produced out of a piece of yew.


Quite a discussion over either the general election or turning? I’ll go with the turning!






And finally, Tom pondering over how to generate an increase in membership!






May 201720170516_193603

David Lowe was the guest professional tonight, showing us how he makes he famous vases with a metal zip insert.
He began with a piece of 5″ x 5″ x 10″ sycamore which once rounded down he marked it into three equal sections and a spigot chucking point.  He then put a large cove into two of the sections and a bowl in to the third section and blended 20170516_194553this into the cove to make a vase shape.  David then sanded down to 240 grit before sealing it and then used Yorkshire Grit a sanding paste to achieve a great finish.  He explained that a sanding paste reduces the amount of dust generated, therefore it helps with keeping us all healthy.
A spindle support was then fastened onto the lathe bed to support the neck of the vase, allowing David to open up the end of the vase slightly before drilling a 45mm hole to a depth of 2″ using a Forstner bit.  He then completed the opening into the vase and then continued drilling to within 10mm of the bottom of the vase.
The vase was then hollowed out and sanded.
The whole vase would then be finished and David recommends using Micro Crystalline Wax which he puts 20170516_201447on, leaves for 10 minutes, then buffs to a finish.

We then sat back and watched David amaze us with the zip fitting.  He uses a 6″ metal zip which he cuts away from the material and burns off any residue material and plastic.  Having chosen where to put the zip he drew a straight line from the top of the vase and marked it at 3″ and 6″ intervals.  The zip remains closed for the first 3″ before opening up to 4″ on the rim.
He then used various mini tools to cut the opening for the zip, remembering to cut a wider section for the zipper.  Once sanded to a perfect edge he used super glue to attach the zip to the vase.


The completed zip vase by David Lowe









(Apologies for the quality of the photographs, our resident photographer Harry Cleworth was unfortunately not present tonight due to illness.  Get well soon Harry).

April 2017Emma Cook

At our April club night we again decided to hire the stage to ensure everyone had a perfect view of our professional turner, Emma ‘The Tiny Turner’ Cook.  This was well received by the members and therefore the committee will discuss the possibility of using the stage for future club nights.
Emma excelled with her demonstration on how to turn and the carve a pumpkin box.
Using a piece of lime, she explained how to round it off between centres, before turning a spigot on each end.  She then parted off 2/3’s for the main body of the pumpkin leaving 1/3 for the lid.  Having worked on the lid and then the body she put the lid back onto the body as per a jam chuck.  Emma then shaped the body into a pumpkin and began carving the recognisable shape of the pumpkin.
The demonstration was interesting as Emma showed how we can all have a go at basic carving, without having to buy numerous tools.  No excuse not to have a go at a pumpkin box, but get cracking as Halloween is only 195 days away!!

March 2017tony wilson

Once again over 60 members, guests and friends turned out for another great night at the Lincolnshire Association of Woodturners.
Tony Wilson blessed us with his company and gave us all a humorous and informative demonstration.  Tony turned two ogee bowls from pieces of timber that had defects, such as bark intrusions and pieces missing.
He paid attention to detail, explaining how to start with smaller tools such as a 1/4″ bowl54487900BA4B4C0A8BCE83EEEA20474D gouge to get the feel of the wood, before moving up to 1/2″ and even 1″ gouges to achieve maximum results.  He also explained and showed us how to put a double bevel on tools to give better results.  Sound advice, unless you enjoy sanding!


February 20176097F2DC4FA046578D4308B971AFC9D5

Over 60 members and guests attended this month, which caused much concern in the kitchen as we almost ran out of milk!  Fortunately all was ok and it was our pleasure to welcome production turner Martin Pidgen to the club.  Martin travelled from near Grimsby to demonstrate four pieces of work. He began by turning a small piece of African blackwood into a wine bottle stopper complete with a golf ball on the top. He then turned an acorn using two different pieces of wood which could then be used as a light pull.
He then turned a bottle coaster for the wine bottle to stand in and suggested it stand on three cork feet.

After the break, during which Chairman John Ingamells spoke about a proposed visit to Ashley93E21F92956949C3BB97988DC3939EEB Iles, Martin demonstrated how to make a diamond bowl.  Members were especially interested when Martin showed us how to use a spindle gouge to cut up hill.  He encouraged us all to have a go at home, making sure we keep ourselves safe. The diamond bowl has four wings, two pairs at different lengths, so care must be taken to keep fingers behind the tool rest.

The competition continues to grow, this month sixteen entries were received with Harry A1876114A95C43E887D1E8B801177296Cleworth taking 1st place in the Rowan Novice Class and Norman Sanders taking top spot in the Oak Open Class.  Full results can be found on the competition page.

January 2017

8D4ADD82AC9849F58C53A04E2B38BA54This was the evening for our AGM which chairman John Ingamells made light work of getting through the formalities as quickly as possible.  His annual report was well received by the members, as were the reports of all the other officers.  The club is growing and doing very well on all fronts.  There were vacancies on the committee which were quickly snapped up by three members wishing to be involved in the running of our club.  Welcome to the committee – Peter Davies, Alec Day, and Colin Wilson.  Their details will appear on the committee page in the next few weeks.


Following the AGM we had a very informative and humorous talk from Steven Wright.  Steven runs a very successful sawmill at Elston, a village some five miles south of Newark.  He is a great supporter of the club and will always make you feel welcome at his sawmill.  If you have not visited him please do so, you will not be disappointed.  Always phone in advance to make sure he is in his office, contact details are on our diary page.


Entry numbers were up in both categories of the club competitions, which is good to see.  However, we still want to encourage more members to enter.  This months entries were judged by members, Norman Sanders and
Colin Wilson, thanks gents.  Results can be found on competitions page.

December 2016

At our Christmas meeting on 20th December our Secretary, Alan Cramer, put himself outside his comfort zone and took to the lathe.  He braved all to stand in front of almost 50 members to demonstrate how to make a bird box Christmas tree decoration.  First he turned the house, which is hollowed out to reduce the weight of the item.  He then turned the roof out of a darker wood and attached it to the house.  A small brass screw eye is screwed in to the top of the roof, so that a ribbon can be inserted to hang the finished bird box to a Christmas tree.
Following Alan’s demonstration, members enjoyed a splendid buffet which was prepared by our Treasurer Ann Giles and her team of ladies.  Alan Craig thanked Ann for the buffet and presented her with a bouquet of flowers.


E68A9E0E1C774414B36FA0CC72D43857thumbnail_7CE7EB31578343329F7BAA8DE71A79E3The Christmas raffle then took place followed by chairman, John Ingamells presenting the annual trophies to the respective winners.
The Rowan Trophy, awarded to the winner of the novice section was presented to Kevin Walker.thumbnail_A1806C99084C40C7A7FAB2B57A3D1259 The Oak Trophy, awarded to the winner of the open section was presented to Tony Maddox.411342CF0619486F8AEEE1BCD9B52AD2

November 2016

On 15th November over 50 members and guests were treated to a demonstration by Mick Hanbury.  He turned a square dish with a 2mm, yes 2mm thick dome lampshade to go over the dish.  When a small battery light is placed under the lampshade a beautiful table lamp is produced.
Mick was, as usual, on top form with his informative chat, scattered with a large dose of Lincolnshire humour.  If you run a club and have not had Mick to demonstrate for you, get him booked, we already have him in our diary for 2017.
The photographs, taken by club member Harry Cleworth, give an insight to an excellent evening.

M HanburyM Hanbury (3)






First he turns the square dish.


M Hanbury (11)M Hanbury (12)M Hanbury (10)





Then he turns the shade, using a light to help determine the thickness, before parting.


M Hanbury (2)M Hanbury (5)





Finally he cuts some relief work before presenting the finished piece.